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December 16, 2001
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Christmas Shopping and Crab

3:02 pm: A good night and morning by Jet. He didn't get up until 1, though he did cry out right on the dot of being asleep an hour, he actually put himself back to sleep. I was pretty impressed. He got up at 1 to eat, and then again at 4. But at 4, he decided it was time to play, so John got up and stayed up with him while he played pretty hard for an hour, then Jet crawled over to John, and John picked him up, settled him comfortably in his arm and then Jet went right to sleep.

John put him back in his bedroom, and Jet then proceeded to sleep until 9 am! Wow. So all three of us have plenty of sleep today, and we're all feeling pretty good from that. We started out late, ate bagels and smoked salmon while Jet ate a bit of jarred food. Ever since yesterday, Jet's intake of the jarred food has gone as dramatically down as it went up a bit more than a week ago. He seems past whatever growth spurt that was making him eat like crazy, and maybe that's the other reason he had such a good night.

Jet also has, definitely, two teeth through his gums on the top and it feels like he has edges poking out the bottom gum as well. So his teeth may have finally come through, after teething symptoms since his third month. It's just taken him a while to actually get them to come out! I'm glad that he's done with at least that set. He is, however, already chewing on things with his back gums, where the rest of his baby teeth might come through, eventually.

Another reason for him to sleep more soundly when he does sleep. That's very useful. He's also napping at the moment after a pretty busy morning.

We went into Boulder, went to a toy shop and got toys for him and Haley. He had a very fascinating time in the store itself, as the aisles are very, very close, just barely enough to manuver his stroller through. Jet watched everything and made careful grabs for the things that really caught his eye. He managed to snag all the cars of a wooden train and sucked on a few of the wooden cars before I could get them away from him, and substitute one of his own toys for that. He was also fascinated by a band with a bunch of reindeer bells on them, so we bought him one of those and he rang for the rest of the morning.

He loved hanging onto a bell to shake the rest and then throwing the whole belt of them to the side to make them crash. We finally belted it around his arm and he had a great time shaking his arm to get the whole thing to ring. If the old adage about angels getting their wings, he probably gave wings to an entire choir.

It sounded pretty cool, though, wherever we went, as it was very much a festive holiday sounding kind of sound, the clash of bells. We dropped by the Breadworks for bread and Vick's for a cuppa. I got a Schizoid Large Mocha with Whip, and got the oddest mental image from the name. The Schizoid bit was because I ordered it half-decaf. From there we traveled and found a photo shop that takes digital pictures to make Christmas cards from, and they gave us a pretty good price on them even with a custom greeting on them. It should be fun to send out the cards this year. They even gave us all the envelopes in advance, so we can fill them out before we get the cards. I guess it's time for the yearly ritual of writing the year up in a letter.

From the picture place we went to another coffee place so John could buy some beans. Sadly, they didn't have any more green beans on display, said that they were making the room for the Christmas merchandise, so nothing until sometime in January, after the post-Christmas sales. Ah well. We got the regular beans, and went home, where John made egg salad sandwiches while I fed Jet. John was trying to feed Jet solids, but, for the first time, every time I went out of sight Jet would just start crying inconsolably. Poor little guy. I finally just nursed him and he curled up close and went to sleep.

So I got a little time at the computer, but found that flick was refusing connects from Xilinx. Ah well, it's been time to write this up, which is good.

10:55 pm: It's been a really busy evening, and Jet's still up and running hard with no sign of wanting to go to sleep. I wonder if he got phase shifted or something. Though, really, it was the video tape of himself that woke him up for real, I think.

We went to Longmont to take advantage of the 10.99 one pound of snow crab legs special that Red Lobster had going. I had seen the ad on TV, and decided that I really wanted a crab fix. It didn't have to be great, it only had to be adequate, i.e. fresh enough to be edible and taste okay, and it worked out to be pretty much that. They were a little dry and a little salty, but , for frozen snow crab clusters, they were good enough and there were certainly plenty of them when I ordered a pound and a half of them. It was for a good price, compared to any other restaurant, and I just dug into them with gusto.

John got an ahi ahi plate and took care of Jet while I took my time pulling apart all the legs and eating them. Jet stared at me whenever I picked up a leg and pulled it off the cluster and watched carefully while I took apart the claws. Someday I'll be able to tell him that Mom's eating bugs, but until then he was pretty fascinated anyway. That was fun. It took me a while, but it was satisfying.

The three of us hit a Border's to find some presents and didn't quite find what we needed, but did find a few interesting things that we could use. So that was good.

From there we headed into Boulder, and picked up a bunch of things we had on order from the Target there. John had thought that we'd ordered them at the Longmont Target, but realized, after calling the Longmont Target several times to see if they were there, that they were actually at the Boulder one. Oops. They were there. On time and everything. We had to go back to Longmont as John accidentally dropped stuff out of his jacket at the restaurant, but it was all there when we went to get it.

Thank goodness for formula bottles. Jet could drink while we drove, so he was much happier. He drank his late snack, and then fell asleep for a while. When he got home, however, he woke up with a vengeance, and crawled around playing with everything while John and I wrapped and packed a bunch of presents. I actually tried to nurse Jet a couple of times and while I was doing it we were watching the first tape John and I had made with the video camera as we recorded copies for my Mom and Dad and John's Mom and Dad. Jet woke up thoroughly on listening to himself on tape.

He's now rampaging about the dining room and whacking stuff, playing with wrapping paper and pulling stuff down into his head. I really hope that he'll sleep well tonight with all this activity. Maybe with the dinner and all the car riding he just didn't get enough exercise in for the evening. Hopefully this'll do him. Luckily, we had to get stuff done anyway, so this is all to the good.

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