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December 21, 2001
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Jet's First Movie (Monsters Inc.)

8:28 pm: Jet got to see his first movie in a theater today. We hadn't really planned on doing it until later in the day, when John had finished everything he wanted to do and I'd gotten a chance to do quite a lot as well.

Joan got Jet for the usual two hours. Jet had only gotten up twice last night, though each time up was for an hour, since he'd gone to sleep at 10 and didn't get up until 8, everyone got plenty of sleep. That was very nice after the last several nights. So Joan got Jet, and Haley and Jet had a blast playing while John and I worked. Yes. Today was one of the plant closure days. We didn't have to work. Still there were things to be done and we decided it was better to finish them and forget them for the holidays than to leave them hanging on.

So we worked. We then went and got Jet a bit past 11, talked with Joan about Christmas plans, and then took Jet home. I had to clean his nose out, but after that he nursed and went to sleep pretty easily and took his usual two hour nap. John and I ate a lunch of spaghetti and John worked away. I cleaned up, read some more of The Fellowship of the Ring and wrote a few past entries.

When Jet woke up, I changed him, fed him solids, and then played with him for a while. John came down when he was done with what he had to do, and proposed taking Jet to see Monsters Inc. It's an old movie, so it wouldn't be crowded, especially mid-day today. It's a kid's movie, so anyone there would likely be sympathetic if Jet cried at all. And it would be fun if Jet did watch any of it.

Turns out he watched most of it. He was enthralled by the big screen, and even during the previews he'd stare up at it and watch the action, especially when it was loud or fast. We sat in the front row of stadium seating, so there was plenty of clean carpeting for Jet to crawl around on when he wanted a crawling break. The theater itself was really clean and neat, which was really nice. So Jet got to have mobility breaks during the movie. He also got to nurse, got to watch whenever he wanted to watch, and he got a bottle of water that he could sip out of at any time, though he liked hugging the big bottle of Aquafina that John and I had bought for ourselves. I've always loved the Aquafina ad campaign saying that they guarantee Nothing, i.e. nothing in the water. It's just fun.

I really enjoyed Monsters Inc. myself. It was, at points, fall over laughing funny. It was active enough to keep Jet's attention, and character based enough to keep my interest. I also had fun listening to Boo and thinking, okay, we're going to be there in a little while. Jet's babbling constantly, but very little of it is actually words, yet. But there will be a time when he'll probably talk just like Boo and maybe, just maybe, it'll be more comprehensible then. A lot of the parents of bigger kids were laughing pretty hard when Boo spoke, so I have hope that if I get the movie on DVD when it comes out that I might have a chance then.

What was really funny was that Jet laughed whenever Boo laughed, at the same antics, because it was clear he was watching that. Jet really bounced about a lot during the chase scene, and had fun when Boo was bouncing about as well. It was really fun to see him watching the movie and responding to parts of it. By the end of it, however, he got pretty tired, and he wanted to do something other than sit, so John took him to the hallway leading out and let him crawl around there. John could still see the movie, but when Jet wailed a little, it didn't bother anyone else.

During the credits and outtakes, Jet crawled around on the carpet in front of us, and John sat where everyone could see him as everyone else filed out. Jet watched the outtakes from the floor when he was interested, and otherwise wandered about. The theater workers were pretty enchanted to find us like that, and grinned at Jet and asked if he'd enjoyed the movie. He had, we said. What was really cool was that since Jet was less than two-years-old, he was able to get in for free.

On the way home we thought about going to get groceries, but on the way home we saw The Caddy Shack, a local BBQ place that we'd seen several times and wanted to try. So John ran in, got the To Go menu, and we picked the full slab of ribs for two plus two sides and some bread. When John finally came back into the car with our dinner we decided to skip groceries and just go home and eat. Jet was asleep in the car the whole time.

Dinner was delicious. I often find that places that do a slow smoked BBQ dries the meat out terribly. It's more like jerky than meat anymore. These guys did it right. It was rich with smoky flavor, with the characteristic pink layer at the surface; but the ribs were also fork tender and fell off the bones in juicy chunks that married really well with a cinnamon rich barbecue sauce that was rich and thick. The ribs were good. The coleslaw was also quite good, crisp and flavorful with onions and relish in among the more traditional cabbage and carrot. The beans were sweet with molasses and well studded with meat. I was pretty impressed that they'd paid as much attention to the side dishes as they had the main meat.

John said that they were an Elvis kind of place with deep fried pickles and deep fried bologna as well as more normal fare like enormous giant, stuffed potatoes, onion rings, and French fries. The restaurant itself was fairly large and crowded on a Friday night. They were also doing a brisk take-our business. In the time that the sleeping Jet and I sat there, I saw at least five families leaving with armloads of food. I'm glad we decided to try them, as they're better than any other BBQ we've had in the area, and, somehow, don't seem to be affected by the high altitude drying affect.

After dinner we figured out Christmas cards, who we wanted to send them to, how many we had, and what more we needed to make up the difference. There is a lot to do. We've been getting the gradually swelling wave of cards from our friends, and it's really cool to get caught up with a whole lot of people at once and read from them how their everyday lives have gone.

It's interesting that while watching the news, it seems that certain events must affect everyone. Yet, when we actually get the news from everyone, while they might have been touched by the events of Sept 11 in an emotional way, very few were actually affected, directly, by the events themselves. Everyone seems to remember where they heard the news, some were out in the woods without anything electronic to learn until they had to find a phone to find out why some folks who were flying in hadn't made it. Others were simply at home, dealing with their daily lives, as we were.

It's comforting knowing how so many lives that mean something to us weren't touched. How so many lives just go on, doing what they do, learning, growing, living, loving, and so many are now also occupied by their children. It amazes me and somehow satisfies something that had been waiting for this slow, rising wave of letters from all over the world. Maybe it's our own, small version of a world at peace, embedded within a world that has far more turmoil, but real nonetheless in its own context.

Jet half fell asleep in front of the TV, but woke up when John put him into his crib. Maybe the last nap affected him, but he woke up, pulled himself up to stand with both hands clutching the rail, and Jet bellowed his disapproval of being left in his crib. So he's playing at the moment. He'll probably fall over again, soon enough. I'm glad we don't have to get up tomorrow for any particular reason.

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