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December 22, 2001
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Quiet, Good Day With A Roast

9:41 pm: Jet had a really great night. he was only up once and then didn't get up until 7 am. So he slept really well and we all slept really well. A good combination. I was awake enough to mix up a coffee cake mix from Larry's, that we'd bought during one trip to Seattle, and bake it. So we had grapefruit, coffee cake, and plenty of good coffee for breakfast. The coffee cake was good and not too sweet.

Jet had a great time playing while John did Christmas cards and I read The Fellowship of the Ring. I wanted to finish the book before watching the movie, so I'd know what was going on. Jet added to his sleeping karma by taking a good, long nap as well. It was quite the beginning to our real holidays.

We had some stuff to get in order to get some stuff ready for Christmas. We had two pies and a salad to make, which was one of the reasons we'd thought about getting groceries last night. We still had plenty of time, however, so we decided to get everything today.

When Jet got up, we loaded up and went to mail a few things via Federal Express, stocked up on groceries, and pick up a couple of movies.

The grocery store was pretty busy with people stocking up for Christmas and we had a pretty good list of things for the things we had to do and a few dinners made up of things that were on sale. They had beautiful standing rib roasts, and we got a smaller one of those. In the produce section we found that Jet's now 20 pounds and eight ounces, by the produce scale. We also found a few things for the emptying pantry. Jet's food needed restocking and we had coupons for dozens of his jars of food.

When we first started giving him solids I never really envisioned the day when we could buy dozens of jars and know that he was going to go through them.

At the video store we got both Final Fantasy and Jurassic Park III. Jet was a happy camper for the whole trip. As usual, he really wanted to be facing forward as we went around in the cart, so we put the seat to the front and pushed the cart backwards so he could be in front. He seems to do just fine with that arrangement, as he's just really curious about what we're approaching, I think.

Dinner was the on-sale standing rib roast, that I did partially Alton Brown style. I didn't do the aging and I didn't do the terra cotta planter, mostly because I'd done the spray and wipe oven cleaning not all that long ago. So the oven was clean enough and the results were pretty impressive. The roast was a perfect medium rare throughout and the outside was nicely crisp and caramelized. The cooking at a low temperature and then finishing at a high gave it a beautiful color and flavor.

I also roasted potatoes along with the roast, a few extra for hash browns later on or even just lunch with leftovers. At the last minute I also made up some Yorkshire pudding batter and made several of those for eating with the roast and for soaking up juices. They turned out really light and fluffy and good.

Afterwards, we watched Face Off on TV and gave Jet a bath, which he enjoyed so much he didn't want to get out of the tub. I'm glad he really enjoys getting a bath, especially with all the food and stuff he now gets into his hair, his eyebrows and all over his body.

After Jet had gone to sleep, I read more of the Tolkien book, and went into my normal fiction reading mode. John went to sleep and I ignored him and I ignored the fact that the room was getting cold, and I ignored a lot of things the way I usually do when I go and read something until the wee hours of the morning. No surprise, The Fellowship of the Ring is a good book, one that actually does deserve the classification of 'classic' as it's still as interesting now as it was when I first read it. In some ways, for all that it has the bones of the formulas that have been beaten to death, it's still fresh and interesting. While the elements of the Quest are the same, the emotional content of the characters caught up by it all is actually that of the post-War era, the loss of an innocence and time past that can never be regained is something that permeates the books.

I found that there is now something that can pull me, uncomplaining out of my old book trance. Jet woke up at 10:43, crying. I just put the book down, took care of putting him back to sleep, and then I did the wise thing and went to sleep. Life really does change when one has a kid. There used to be nothing in the world that could drag me away from a book. Now there is only one creature in the world who can.

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