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December 20, 2002
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A Plan

10:11 pm: John got Jet in the morning and while still half asleep gave him two ounces of straight milk, after having given him two ounces of water with just enough milk to make it white. Jet fell asleep on John's chest for half an hour and then threw up all over John. So he wasn't doing well, again.

I called Joan to say that we weren't bringing Jet over. Jet fell asleep at 8:40, so there seemed to be no point in waking him up. Also, he was feeling badly enough that we really didn't want to hand him over to someone else. He liked falling asleep on John or on me. So we worked around the times when Jet was awake. He took three naps today, the most he's done in a while, and he really needed every one of those.

We also called Dr. Turner's office and they gave us a plan. Two hours without anything, two hours with just simple, clear liquids, a teaspoon at a time, and then two hours of very simple foods. Dry crackers, rice, and other simple starches plus other clear liquids. The first two hours went really well. The second two went okay, on the most part. Jet liked sipping the Pedialyte from a medicine spoon. So he got his teaspoons on a regular basis. At the end of the four hours, though, he really wanted to nurse.

Since he hadn't had any problems when he'd only nursed one side, John and I agreed that Jet could just have the one side. He did and had no problems, and went to sleep again.

When he woke up he was well into the last set of two hours, and I was very thankful when he took straight Saltine crackers and actually ate them. He took two and just munched away on them and finished two of them. We got some more Pedialyte into him and he was urinating pretty freely, so no problems with dehydration. That was good to know. That's the main thing I worried about.

Our dinner was just left over roast chicken, instant mashed, and some nuked veggies. Jet got plain, brown rice, and he dug into it greedily. I guess after a day of not keeping much down and a day of not getting much food he was pretty hungry. We were still very careful about the straight cow's milk after dinner, and he got to nurse as much as he liked as that didn't seem to bother him any.

He didn't want to go to sleep at the usual time. I was a bit grumpy about that, but then, at 11, he started turning all the lights on in the kitchen and livingroom and I got kind of mad. So instead of doing anything I might regret, I woke John up, who had gone to sleep at 10, and had him take care of Jet. Ten minutes later, John was back in bed, and Jet was asleep. I guess Jet was just playing me for a chump and it was a good thing that I swapped over.

We'll see how he does tonight. I don't anticipate any more vomiting as he got through the whole series, no problem. It's still, however, a nearly full moon, and it would be good if he slept better than he has.

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