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December 19, 2002
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Stomach Flu

5:50 pm: Poor Jet. Poor us. Jet had an awful night last night. I couldn't figure out why until right after 3.

I'd had a pretty okay morning, after the night. John and Jet got cinnamon rolls this morning, and we had them for breakfast. I took mine up with me to work on since I had a 9 am meeting. My morning went well.

Jet was ornery when I went to get him and it was a mild struggle as I got him into his car seat. But we made it home, and he went to sleep right when we nursed. When he got up, we nursed and I thought he was going to go back to sleep, but he didn't. And when he was up he was cranky and unhappy and warm.

I tried to take his temperature, but he fought it every inch of the way and it only read 97 when I could take it. So I didn't worry too much. He just felt warm, though. I fed him some hot dog, a little mac and cheese, and gave him a bottle of milk. He drank it all down. Then he watched videos for a while, actually requesting the Wallace and Grommet videos. I was impressed.

I had a 3-5 meeting. So I got my headset, got printouts of the presentation they were going to give, and set myself up, downstairs, so that I could listen and comment as I liked, and let Jet have me with him. About ten minutes into the meeting, Jet came over tried, half-heartedly, to try and grab the control for my headset, and when I put it away, he just leaned quietly against my leg. He was kind of warm, still. So I picked him up and he cuddled up against me. I just held him while listening to my meeting, thinking that this was one of the reasons I work at home.

Of course, two minutes later, he gave two belches and then threw up all the lunch he'd eaten or drunk. All over himself, the wood floor, and my legs. I just held him and hugged him and got his head so that he'd get more of it on the floor than himself. Still, it was pretty nasty and went everywhere. When he was done I carefully wiped my hands on my already trashed shirt, and took my headset off and laid it on the table and then took both of us to the laundry room. I stripped both of us, rinsed both of our arms and hands down, and then rinsed off the clothing while Jet smiled and ran around in his diaper. He seemed to feel a whole lot better after throwing up.

After dealing with all that I wiped him down, put clean clothes on him, and when I put him down he ran off and started playing with his cars and asking for another Wallace and Grommet video. So I washed myself down, cleaned up the floor, cleaned up the chair, got the vid going, and put my headset back on and the folks in the meeting didn't seem to realize that I'd left. I was glad of that.

Jet pulled me over to sit by him while he was watching vid, and I took my notes with me, and sat with him and did my meeting. John came home at 4:30 and took over. He washed Jet's hands and Jet threw up just a little more, into the sink, and then the two of them settled into a chair for a while for a mutual nap. They slept about forty-five minutes and now John's making dinner for all of us. I am so glad I married John.

The one thing I hate about vomiting illnesses is the all-pervading scent of bile.

We made the mistake tonight of giving Jet cow's milk when he begged for it. We gave him 2 oz and then another 4. It went every where. Poor little guy. We had to clean him up, change him into a new sleeper and get John cleaned up as well.

So we set out the towels for everything, set towels up on his bed, around his bedroom, and all over the livingroom area where we usually take care of him. I guess we're ready for a bad night, and I hope he does okay with it. Still, having taken care of him the last time he got a stomach problem, it took a few days for him to get back entirely to normal. We'll just be cautious.

On top of all the other sleepless nights, this is going to be pretty tough on both John and I. I am kind of worried about that. Still, we'll get through it. We always do

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