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December 25, 2002
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I'm impressed. Jet got through all his presents this morning. He was awfully tired by the time we finished, but he got through all of them! Wow.

It was also pretty cool that, afterwards, when the Goodells were asking about our gifts that whenever there was an especially cool one and they'd ask who it was from it was, inevitably, from Kathy. Hee. This included my transparent fountain pen, John's book on converting vegetable oils into diesel, and Jet's picture books as well as John's smoke ring blower. Hee.

Christmas morning really is for kids, I think. Though Jet had no idea, when he woke up, that it was a day that was any different. He just played quietly with John until I got up at 7:30, then asked to nurse, and when he was done with that we started actually pulling presents out from under the tree and opening them! That surprised Jet, and he seemed to like pulling them out from under the tree as much or even more than opening them.

Joan was very impressive in her shopping. She gave John and I a whole basket full of cool stuff, added some Thermos metal coffee mugs which we can use a lot, and then gave Jet half a dozen bright, colorful, and reactive things. Two Leapfrog toys and lots of other stuff, that really fascinated him. We made out like bandits.

Jet was good and methodical, Ripping open a package, asking for it to be taken out of the packaging, and then playing with it for a while. The books he simply piled up for another time. He would then go onto the next one when urged. The final present, however, was a wooden train set. He got totally involved in that one, and when he finally let me pick him up and nurse him, afterwards, when we swapped sides he muttered, "Choo-choo! Choo-choo!" while still half-asleep.

He never took a nap, other than while nursing. John even drove him around for an hour and all he'd do was blow raspberries and talk to John. This is the same kid that the moment Joan puts him into a car seat, he falls asleep. Yowza. The Power of Christmas, I guess.

But he seemed to get some rest from being strapped in for that hour, and when the Goodells arrived, he did just fine. He played like crazy with Alex and Haley, who all played with Jet's toys and brought over bags of their own toys to play with as well, and they all occupied each other for much of the time.

I spent the afternoon on the turkey. Got all the fixings coordinated at the last hour with a nice graphical chart to get through it all. And it was all on the counter the moment folks were ready to eat. That was cool. Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, gravy, stuffing, and bread. The bread turned out to be the freezer portion of my Italian loaf from the weekend. The Goodells had forgotten the rolls, so we just subbed in the bread. Folks ate up, and Ray went back for thirds of all the things that needed gravy. That's quite the compliment from the sausage gravy chef of their family, he makes great gravy, so it was pretty cool to know that he liked it that much.

We spent most of the evening just talking. The kids all hauled John downstairs and Alex and Haley rode the train. Amusingly enough, Jet wouldn't ride. He ran along side, yelling "Choo-choo! Choo-choo!!" or climbed his wooden slide, which is in the middle of the train tracks, and yelled the same. Happily wound up kid. He loved the trains, and it was pretty neat that he just wanted to let them ride and watch.

John came up for pie. Joan had brought a pumpkin and a cheese pie with sprinkles and we ate those for dessert. Jet liked the pumpkin pie and ate most of it before trying to feed me what was left. I need to feed him more of that stuff.

When everyone was too exhausted and full to do anything more, they went home.

Throughout the day, John and I have been calling our families. It was pretty cool to just do that. Get in touch with people and check up on how the presents were received, and who got what. It was really neat. I can't believe it's Christmas, in some ways, as we're really not taking the week off for the holidays, and John and I were working yesterday and we'll work tomorrow; but it was a very nice single-day break. Mm.

Merry Christmas.

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