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December 24, 2002
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Recovery, Gifting, and Christmas Eve Service

5:06 pm: I survived the morning. It helped that Jet 'only' got up four times last night, versus eight. It was a remarkable relief, especially since John got him every other time and then, in the morning, just disappeared when Jet actually woke up. They're doing pretty well this morning, which is also a relief.

I got up early, actually showered for the first time since the weekend, not counting Jet's emergency shower, and then called CeLena to see if she was around, as one of the plates of cookies was for her. She was! Hoorah!

I'd been planning on split pea soup for tonight, and John was a sweetie and asked if he could make it, as it doesn't hurt for it to cook all day. So I pulled out the How to Cook Everything by Bittman, and modified the recipe by writing what I'd do into the book. John read it, asked for a few clarifications, and he was set. He was going to do it before the cleaning crew came, so that they could leave the kitchen clean and sparkling.

On the way out, I dropped the plate of cookies by CeLena's house. She'd left the door unlocked so I could get in, as she was busy with a client. I was kind of glad of that. I didn't need or even really want to see anyone while dropping presents off for them.

I was lucky at work, too. I got to drop off all of the gifts without being seen, and on the way back to my desk Smitha stopped me to thank me. Yay! That was kind of cool. It felt pretty fun to just be Santa for a bit, and give stuff.

I was very tired, though, and mildly queasy. I'd brought a hunk of the Italian bread with me and made myself a big mug of plain, black tea. It was enough of a breakfast to steady me. I was glad of that, as it was proof that I wasn't sick. Yay!

I then took myself to a meeting and it stretched to an hour and a half instead of the usual forty-five minutes that I had to be there. Ugh. When I got back I found a little box on *my* desk! Hoorah! It was from Fei! I thanked him, and then ran off to put the last three bags on people's desks before hitting another meeting that, again, ran long, but it was actually very productive and pretty cool. Lots of future, two and three year out looking stuff. I am glad of that, we really need to look out to really be successful for some of the things we're doing.

After we were done with that, I figured out what to do with the last of the nine bags, and then called John to say that I was going shopping. We had a few last-minute things to get for dinner on Thursday. He couldn't think of anything more, so I went and got what we needed. I also dropped by the Bengalese place and asked if I could buy just a quart of their yogurt, but they'd run out and were making more. They said to call any time and they'd put aside a quart for me when they had it, but they'd run out and were closed tomorrow, so didn't have any in reserve. It's a two day process for the culturing. That surprised me, mildly, but it's pretty neat and explains the texture of the stuff.

I'll have to get it after the holiday.

Home again, home again, and the house is now, once again, immaculate. It always surprises me and pleases me to come home to a clean house. There's this gradual accumulation of YUCK over the two weeks we don't clean, and it always makes me gradually more and more uncomfortable until they do come and clean again. This does mean that if we ever stop having a cleaning service that I'm doomed to cleaning probably every weekend.

Ah well, anyway, John had the soup on the stove, Jet was asleep, and I was able to eat most of my lunch in peace. We had nachos, standing at the counter, and a mashed avocado, which was really yummy. It was simple and exactly what I needed. I added some yogurt from the fridge, as I had a craving for yogurt after wanting to buy it from the restaurant. We opened the present from Fei and Vivian, and there were two ceramic fortune cookie ornaments! How very cool! Jet woke up while we were in the midst of it all, and I nursed him for a while, but he wanted more. I didn't have any more milk, so I asked John to make up a bottle, and Jet not only took it, but drank a good four ounces more. His belly stuck out when he was done.


He was much happier after that, as he was pretty hungry.

I got to work after that, and I needed it. John was great and just gave Jet a couple of Wallace and Grommet videos, and then, when they were done, he played with Jet and let Jet help with finishing up dinner. We have to eat soon, as we're going to the church for Christmas Eve service.

10:14 pm: The soup was very good. Especially with the chewy, thick Italian bread that I'd made yesterday. Jet ate bread. He also ate more than half a clementine after mostly peeling it himself. He enjoyed doing that and actually sat at the table to do so. He sits at the table, so rarely, for dinner that I'd kind of given up on him ever sitting down with us again.

Tonight I realized that I really did want him to sit with us, and when I picked him up and brought him to his chair, there was only a token protest. Especially when he got food he really wanted to eat. I was very happy that I tried, and I guess we should just keep trying instead of assuming that he just won't do it. I'm sure that there will be times, again, when he just won't sit down; however, if there are just gradually more times that he will, that's the direction I want to head.

Jet was great this evening. We headed out to church, and when we got there, he walked confidently in and headed right for the quiet room. There wasn't any nursery folks in there, today, as the service was for the kids to watch and participate in as well. For the first time in a while, he got to sit with us. He was pretty happy with that.

We sat in one of the front pews, and before anything began a few of the other small boys were running around. A couple climbed up the steps to the center stage and there was a bench set up and they sat there. Jet followed them, quite happily, and sat with them while they got their picture taken. When he tried to follow them down, however, he tripped on one step and fell down another. He ended up upside-down and with a big bump over his right eye, but he didn't really cry much as John got him and held him until he was ready to run after the other boys again.

Jet really liked sitting on the bench, so he went back there and smiled at all the people in the pews. Someone waved at him, so he waved back, and that started a trend, for a bit. Finally John had to go and get him as things started up. Hee.

Luckily, being in the pews for the service was so new to Jet that he was fascinated. He liked being held while we all stood up and sang, and he watched everything for the first half of the program. Then John found a pen in his pocket, and Jet drew all over the bulletin for nearly all of the next half hour. Finally he really wanted to draw on the books in the pew. They were the hymn books and I couldn't let him do that. He started protesting in the middle of a prayer. Oops.

I just picked him up and walked for the back. Jet immediately got quiet, and when I put him down he was content to just walk around for a while. He had been in the pew for nearly an hour, and it was just time for him to stretch his legs and see some other stuff. I was happy with how he'd done; and we wandered out into the fellowship area and then back into the sanctuary. He then headed for the quiet room and just watched a little girl who was crying a lot and another little girl who was being fairly rough with the toys.

He was content to leave with us when we did, and John entertained him all the way home. There were all kinds of Christmas specials on, and we watched some of them while the lights blinked on the tree. He nursed to sleep pretty well, but was up ten minutes later crying "Owie" and holding his face. I just lay down with him and hugged him when I could.

Jet's been drooling all day and chewing on his fingers. He's teething, something fierce, which kind of explains the up and down nights. I hope it'll be over soon.

It's odd to think of it as Christmas Eve, since I had to work today. I'm still not really in the mood for it, even with all the presents under the tree. It just doesn't feel like Christmas yet. Though handing out the presents did help. We'll see how tomorrow is. I have to do the turkey tomorrow, and that always helps bring it home. Cooking and good food.

I may sneak a nice, hot bath and a nap in as well. That should help tremendously. *grin*

The time that is supposed to remind everyone of hope. When the days start to get longer, and the promises are fulfilled. *grin* I hear the guy that left motorcycles for his kids in our extra garage getting the bikes. Our neighbor had told him about storing a tractor in there, so he asked, and he's keeping the motorcycles there so that they'll completely surprise the kids. He came by earlier to thank John for the use of his work area, and gave him a bottle of wine, "for not shooting me while I thump around out there."

That's pretty cool.

Okay. So maybe it is Christmas

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