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December 26, 2002
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Rec. Center and a Creamy Candy Bath

Both John and I worked at home today, and Joan took Jet in the morning. Usually, John goes in to work on Thursdays, but he didn't have any meetings, so decided to stay home. We had a nice, quiet day, with no phone interruptions, no meetings, and we both got quite a lot done. Jet napped his usual nap and settled into it pretty well. John and I had nachos for lunch, and then Jet got up and ate some stuff.

At 4, we headed over to the Longmont Rec. Center, planning to meet up with Joan and her kids. We got there a bit later than we'd hoped to, so we searched the pool and no one was there, so we hung out in the reception area. Then we saw Joan and her kids getting into the pool, so we hurried into our dressing room and got dressed for swimming and headed on in.

Alex and Haley liked the place pretty well. Though Haley still doesn't quite swim well enough to get around just by herself, she really needed someone to keep her above water. That was okay, though. She got to wear her life vest for a while, and got held for a while, and then ended up on one of the clear rings, floating through the current area. Jet liked that, as usual, and just zoomed along during the acceleration phases. That was nice.

Joan was having some stomach problems and at 6, she headed out with her kids. Turns out, we later found out, that she threw up on getting home, so she got Jet's stomach flu or whatever it was. Poor Joan. She's resting, which is good, and I hope she gets well soon. John didn't stay down with it for too long.

The three of us headed to Abondanza pizzeria and they had all kinds of games out on the tables, so Jet was well occupied while we waited for our food. We bought a caramelized onion and sweet peppers with pepperoni on our pizza, and when it came it was very yummy. Good tasting. Jet pulled the pepperoni off the pizza and ate just that. He's getting to be a very, very picky toddler. He did drink a bunch of Sprint, after tasting both John's and my iced teas and decided he liked his drink better.

Sadly, the crust to the pizza was a bit soft/soggy. It didn't have the crispness or chewyness that we kind of expect from truly GREAT pizza; but the toppings, sauce and cheese were very good. So we enjoyed it for that. I bet their sandwiches are made with the same kinds of tasty ingredients and no crust to disappoint us. I think it would be cool to go back for sandwiches sometime.

Home again home again, and I had quite a chore keeping Jet awake on the way home. Ended up using his hands/arms to play Patty Cake. He would just grin at me, with his eyes closed, especially for the "rrrrroooooollll it" part where I'd just paddle his arms. It kept him awake enough and we got home in time to do an experiment.

We figure that if we teach him other ways of going to sleep, other than nursing to sleep, that we might have a better chance at night of him putting himself back to sleep. So, tonight, we decided to do something different and I went to sleep at 8, and John took him for the evening, gave him a glass (no bottles, as they're too much like nipples) of milk, and then they changed him, brushed his teeth, and they sat down to read some books. Jet was asleep before 9!! Hoorah!

I, on the other hand, took a nice, hot bath with one of Lush's Creamy Candy Luxury Bath Melts and went right to sleep. I was so tired from the last week or so that I just fell right to sleep, even with really full boobs. I'm going to just have to get used to it. We'll see if it makes a difference

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