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December 30, 2002
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Money, Curtains, and a Car Wash!

John had a very busy morning. After sending Jet to Joan's, we went to the bank to ask if we could write them a check and have them wire out money immediately. While most folks would have though it obvious that we couldn't do it, I thought John was cool about having to at least ask. So we asked, and it wasn't really possible, though the bank lady kind of waffled, since we'd been with them for so long.

If we'd been there longer it might not have been a problem.

We went home, knowing that we had to get the money a different way, not a problem.

I'd taken today off. Vacation. I had one floating holiday that Xilinx gives everyone, and I hadn't taken it, yet. So I took it today. So instead of working, I decided to do something I'd been wanting to do for probably a good year or two. The window in the door to the outside from our bedroom has no curtain. Instead, we've been using an old t-shirt that we both hated, and just left it there to block most, but not all, of the light. So I really wanted to make a curtain. Simple.

I went to look at what cloth scraps I had, and found, of all things, yards and yards of blue satin from the bridesmaids' dresses from our wedding! I was surprised to find that I had a LOT of the stuff. So I brought it upstairs, measured the window, measured the cloth, marked it with a T and started cutting.

John ran off to the bank to fax the wiring instructions at 10:30, as our other account really needed the instructions before 10:30 for them to do the wiring today. The Eurovan seller met John at the bank and after being given the evidence of the money transfer, gave John the van. He had to go downtown to pay of the rest of his loan and then get the title. So we should have the title soon enough.

I pinned up the edges and the other things, and when I was done with that, we went to get Jet, in the new Eurovan! Yay!

Ray and Joan had fun looking it over, and discovering how the pop top works and everything. Joan and I agreed that I could drive, tonight, to get us to the water aerobics. Jet looked supremely content in the back seat as we headed home in his new baby buggy. Jet then went to sleep easily, when I nursed him, and I napped, too.

I finished the curtain after I'd napped an hour. I was very proud of hanging it up and having it work! Yay! Jet slept a bit more, and then we fed him lunch. At 3, we headed into Longmont in the Passat. John and Jet went to a church meeting, while I shopped for quarry tiles at Home Depot, and got hand sanitizer at Target. It's just good to have the waterless stuff in Jet's diaper bag as we're not always where we can just wash our hands. Nice to have it.

I got them at 5:30. We then went to the car wash, spent four dollars, and got the Passat washed! Then we headed to La Panda II and had dinner there. It was very surprising to get out of the Passat and actually see it shine! We got Jet his order of rice and beans, and a small quesadilla, but he ignored them and surprised the heck out of me by stealing my shrimp! I had grilled, butterflied garlic shrimp, which I love a lot; but he ate half of them!! I peeled them for him, and he just munched away. He also ate chips, some of the rice, and drank a major portion of my horchata, too. I was pretty impressed.

We got home well before 7, and I got all my swimming stuff ready, and headed out. When I pulled in, I thought I could see Joan, and she looked at me, but then sat back down in her chair and kept watching TV. Then Ashley came out to peer at me, and I finally gave up and started heading in just as I saw Joan bolt from her chair. She'd completely forgotten about swimming tonight. Hee.

We had a good time swimming. It was nice showering tonight, as I'd brought along all my regular showering gear instead of the quick stuff I'd been using. The Okra hair conditioner smelled wonderful when I poured it out there. Mmmm... it's so nice to smell good after working hard. I have to keep this up as a good habit.

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