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December 31, 2002
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Knitting, Shopping, and Journals

10:00 pm Jet's asleep. We've gone a week with John putting Jet to sleep instead of nursing him to sleep, and my not nursing him more than once a night. Also I don't nurse him until after 2 am and he's been sleeping better. Yay!

Today he also started an eating surge. He had:

  1. 1 banana
  2. 1/4 apple
  3. 1 1/2 waffle
  4. 2 strips turkey bacon
  5. 6 car cookies
  6. 1/2 cup rice
  7. 2 oz spicy chicken
  8. 1 1/2 cup hibiscus drink
  9. 1 mandarin orange
  10. 1 PowerBar (yes. Whole thing.)
  11. 1 1/2 inch slice of cheesecake
  12. 1/4 slice of bread1
  13. 1 6 oz cup of warm milk
  14. 2 breastfeedings during the day

I was pretty impressed. He hasn't been eating that good for most of the days up to this point, but he suddenly took off, today. A cool thing. I guess his stealing my shrimp, last night, might have been a sign that he is getting hungry enough to try more things and actually eat them rather than spit them out.

As can be seen, he had a enormous breakfast. We had waffles and turkey bacon, and he had already eaten the banana and apple before tackling his own waffle. He basically stole a waffle from me and ate it out of his hands while watching Elmo at a firehouse. He danced around and ate pretty continuously until it was gone but for a few crumbs on the floor.

John and I had traded off sleeping with Jet from 5 to 7:30 and then I got to sleep a bit more until nearly 9, as I'd taken the brunt of it. I know that I can sleep after the sunrises. John isn't always able to do so. The curtain did make it easier, I was surprised to note. There is less light getting into the room! Hoorah!

When we were all done with breakfast we headed into Boulder. I'd started a sock for Jet, as we may go for a snow trip while Cathie and Walt are here and I wanted to add some thick socks to Jet's wardrobe beforehand. I got to knit while we drove. Jet fell asleep right as we got into Boulder, and I sat with him, knitting, in the car, while John hit the brewing supply shop for ingredients, the VW dealer for a bunch of small things he needed for the Eurovan to do basic maintenance (including oil changes), and when he went to the local REI to see if they would take a bike rack he'd bought from them for the Range Rover in exchange for a rack for the Eurovan.

Yeah. We're selling the Baby Buggy and expect the Eurovan to be the new Baby Buggy.

Then we went to McGuckin's and as we got into the parking lot it was an hour and a half since Jet fell asleep, so he woke up, matter-of-fact, and came into the store with us. It is always fun to follow him in that store. There are so many things that catch his attention, and he goes off in all directions. John got to concentrate on getting a replacement kitchen faucet while I followed Jet to see small, plush, local animals. Then we hit the leather jackets, the lighting displays, the pens, the toy cars (where he ended up with a box of Chevy cookies), and his spree ended with John found us and we headed back out of the store to pay for the new faucet and head over to lunch.

There's a tea house in Boulder, which is a gift from a small city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It's all handmade. Gorgeously carved and shaped. The folks running it try to keep a rather eclectic menu and have a separate tea menu that is pretty extensive. They have dozens of scented and flavored teas as well as dozens of herbal tisanes. I was amused to find that my collection of straight varietals was actually more extensive than theirs. I have more whites, oolongs, and greens than they do; but they do have more blacks and black blends than I do, which isn't too much of a surprise as I don't drink that many types of black tea. I still had more Darjeelings than they did, but I was pretty pleased to find that their main Estate Darjeeling was the Makabari Organic, though they picked the second flush rather than the first. It is a bit mellower and easier to brew smoothly.

I got, of all things, the Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach tea, rather than anything fancy. I wanted to taste it. I also wanted to order the Chilean skirt steak with caramelized onions and peppers in a red wine sauce, so having a good, strong black tea to offset that was a good thing. I was actually able to taste it and it was actually really good with the red meat. John got their breakfast blend and I was surprised to find that they put far, far, far too much tea into the pot. It was bitter-strong. He drank it with a curry, which actually worked out okay. Jet got a big hibiscus cooler, with lime and mint and he drank it down happily with his lunch of all the rice in his spicy chicken strip bowl. He ate just a little of the chicken, and chowed on the rice. I was impressed, he normally doesn't eat after a big breakfast and he'd had two of the car crackers before getting to the restaurant.

We'd spent fifteen minutes in front of the restaurant while waiting for our table. Jet walked around and around, going down to the Boulder Creek, following it up to the fence, and then coming back to the front of the building, only to be lured by the siren song of the water. Either John or I followed him the whole time. So he might have gotten enough exercise, then, to eat something.

Afterwards, I asked for a sample of the chrysanthemum pu-erh as I'd never heard of such a combination and they had it in tou-cha. They actually gave me a tou-cha and didn't charge us for it. I was impressed. We headed out, then, and went home long enough for John to get re-stocked, and he and Jet headed for Denver to check out the REI there.

I headed back into Boulder with one of my Moleskine squared notebooks with my Barnes and Noble receipt attached to it with tape.

I first, however, hit a small sports shop to check out Oakley sunglasses. I'd gotten an ad in the mail direct from Oakley, so I thought I'd look, at least, at the Half Jacket, the Split, and the Half Pint. The photos looked good. But when I tried them on, they all failed the No-Nose test. All of them touched my face. Well, other than the Half-Pint, which is a kid-sized pair, which they simply didn't carry. Ah well.

Back out to Boulder, and I hit the Crossroads Mall. I parked in the parking structure, as I wanted to go to Sears, but it opened to Foley's and my hands were chapped. I use Eucerine when I remember to, but I suddenly wondered if Origins made a hand cream that was cheaper than Lush's whole pot of Helping Hands. Turned out they had a little tube of stuff called Handle with Care, and it was about a quarter the price, so I got that and used it on my hands as I headed over to Sears. It worked out quite nicely.

I went to Sears to see if they had any Lands End gear, but I got sucked in by their 30% off everything sale. Plus this particular store was going out of business. So I went right to the shoes to see if they might have the Lands End outdoor moccasins. Turned out they had their own brand of the things. They cost the same, normally. I tried a pair on and loved how they fit, so I bought them for a third off! Yay!

I had done what I'd originally wanted to do, but the sale, itself, kind of drew me in. I found a nice sweater and a pair of pants that were really comfortable and just bought them right there.


I gave up on the idea of going to an office shop and getting stickers to print for Jet. It was already 4:30 and I wanted to head for home. So I went right to the Barnes and Noble and got tempted by a very mild evil. I had my receipt with two squared Moleskines, one painters' Moleskine, and one lined Moleskine. I checked with the Customer's Service, and they just said that so long as I had my receipt, they could give me in-store credit for it since I'd bought the books more than 30 days ago.

So I went and looked at journals, and they had the artist's books, but no plain Moleskines. I did find, however, some inch thick journals with simple leather covers, blue squared interiors, 5 1/4 x 8 inch pages, and rounded corners. They seemed enormous next to the travel-sized Moleskines, but they were exactly what I'd really use on an everyday basis. Turns out that they are Miguel-Ruis journals, made in Spain, which Pendemonium has on sale, too.

The serendipitous part was that they cost exactly the same as the Moleskines. The tempting part was that I could actually have picked up two of these, picked up one of the artist's Moleskines and claimed that I was returning two of the little guys to exchange them for two of the big ones. No one would have ever known, other than me. I sighed, though, and simply knowing would have been bad enough. So I didn't.

Besides, I am going to take years filling one of these, much less two of them.

After that I went home and got a message from John on the phone saying they'd be back around 6:30. So I finished Jet's sock and sewed the last stitches together with bright purple yarn. It's quite the contrast to the hand-painted green yarn. Grin.

When the boys got back Jet asked to nurse. He was pretty tired, so we had to work at keeping him awake. Everything from cheering every time he opened his eyes to letting him put his sock on his hand and play at it being a sock puppet. He enjoyed it and stayed awake. He ended up letting go when he started hearing Cirque du Soleil music and laughter.

We had a simple dinner. The split pea soup and the last of the bread. Jet nibbled some things, but had so much fun climbing onto an upended laundry basket and dancing to the circus music that he didn't get too much eaten. Given that, at REI, he'd downed a whole PowerBar, I wasn't surprised when he wouldn't eat. That's a lot to keep a little guy going. John got good video of Jet watching and dancing to the music of the circus and being completely awed by a juggler.

He did, however, take a time out to eat some of the cheesecake. "Mmmmmm! Cake!" He'd crow and ask for more. He actually ate it, himself, with a fork and plate and his hands. He actually used his fingers to scrape up the last of the stuff and licked them, if not clean, at least he got most of the big stuff off.

He went to sleep soon after a couple stories with John, a change, his toothbrushing, and some quiet time with the TV muted. It's pretty easy to get him to sleep when he's so tired. He had two big trips today and did great for all of them.

I'm happy to close out the year with a new car, a return that I'm really glad I pursued, and actually finishing even a tiny knitting project. I'm probably going to do the other sock tomorrow and it's neat to have recorded exactly what I'm doing in my Moleskine so that it'll be easy to up it when Jet gets bigger. I really loved the squared journal pages, and I'm likely to keep the other Moleskines I have for traveling with.

Since my Targus keyboard is slowly deteriorating, it's good to have the old-fashioned methods for recording my life. I have been getting great offers by Borderbund for the new versions of Dragon's voice recognition software, and it should be easier to transcribe stuff that I've already written than trying to come up with it while I speak. I've always had better recognition accuracy when I've written stuff down first. We'll see.

I don't *think* that John and I are going to stay up for midnight. Sleep is to precious. So... good night. May the new year be bright

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