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December 14, 1998
a year ago

Going Public

Okay, a lot of things are going public, now. Here's one press release, here's another, the third one is only in the press, not on-line, as Minc never really got it on-line, but all the shares of privately held Minc Inc. are being tendered this week. The deal is starting.

Everyone in engineering got offers today. Most of the rest of the people are being let go. Xilinx bought our technical capabilities... and all our technical assets go with the people. So they're trying to get as many people as possible and the offers reflect that very well. They're very generous, and tied into it is the whole concept of relocating to Boulder. Yeah.

I knew we were doomed the minute we finished the kitchen. That's what happens with everyone that does a major renovation to their house, it gets sold or something happens that makes you move.

The offer they made me was jaw-dropping. There are many advantages, it seems, to working for a larger company with more leverage on benefits. It's also the whole technological promise of an extension of what we've been doing into the directions I'd always wanted to take the tools. We've just never, ever had the resources to do it, never, ever had the time to do what really needed to be done to make this something that would blow hardware engineers' minds, to do the full capability that all this stuff is really capable of doing.

I think that, more than the money, the whole advantage of being able to pursue this with resource, with people that actually know software, and, most importantly, people who have a vision of where they want this all to go, that's the real draw, for me, the real stake. It's nice that they're willing to pay me more, give me signing bonuses, do the stock option and profit sharing thing, very nice. They're also paying all the relocation costs and taking care of house buying and selling costs, which adds up to a lot of money. Xilinx is being a real class-act about the whole thing and I'd be stupid if I weren't impressed.

I also have to say that I loved the VP of Engineering. Classic Software engineering type. It was very cool. I can't believe that much bluntness could ever be an act, and it was beautiful. I love straight shit and it was interesting to see which slides he choked on and which he waxed eloquent. The most reassuring thing was knowing that the VP sees things the way I see them, and wants to take things the direction I want them to go. That was likely the best thing in the world. What's best is that the company made up a value system while they were still going strong, and are sticking to it for their decision making process as they go through a somewhat flat time.

The afternoon was mostly spent scrambling around talking benefits and things, which was fun, actually, and I found a lot of things were covered that weren't under our old insurance and sooner. So I might be able to get my bridge redone earlier in the year rather than later. That will be good.

All in all, the offers are really well done. And it looks like everyone is thinking really hard about it all.

Diverted myself for a while with something Gretchen pointed me at, a page that shows you how to make bath fizzies. So I have to find some citric acid, a few big boxes of baking soda and with all the essential oils I already have, it should be easy to make some for fun.

We spent the evening talking things over, John called his parents, I should likely call mine, and I read some, thought some, talked a lot with John, walked with Fezzik who was still limping mildly, but is definitely better off in the leg than before. I think he must have wrenched it when he ran off that one evening. Not a good thing for him, but it's good to see it get better. He loves his new cedar bed, which is good, and it seems to be good for his joints, too, taking some of the strain from the hard floor off them.

Sleep took a while in coming.

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