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December 16, 1998
a year ago


Was pretty tired last night, so we ordered ribs to go from Tony Roma's, which were pretty good. Fezzik scented them as we went into the house and his nose was stuck against the ribs box until I put 'em on the counter, he wanted 'em, but that's okay. We gave him a few of the bones after we'd eaten our share.

John then sat down and played the last of the first Bandicoot game, he wanted to do some of that. We also watched some bad Bond movie until Buffy came on. I've missed way too many Buffy episodes, I think the last two or three, even, and when this episode started I just kinda gulped at all the things going on that I had no clue as to the origins. It was an interesting show, especially the ending. John was laughing while I was crying through a lot of it. Interesting that contrast.

That was when the relocation specialist from Boulder caught us and we talked with her on the phone for a while, about what we were looking for, about what we were flexible about, what we thought we wanted, what we were open for and what we were curious about. The one thing that she had was a Chinese friend that we could call and talk about the racial issues with, as well as finding a Chinese church for Bob and Mai in the area.

Anyway... John played more Bandicoot while I walked Fezzik, then I took a long, warm bath with the relaxation salts, and then pulled out a pile of things that I'd thought of while in the bath, to be packed for the trip. Sleep was deep and filled with dreams. Most of which I forgot after a second set of dreams, and then those I forgot after I woke up as I woke up with a brainful of Things to be Packed. So they were packed, and we went to get cash and then John dropped us into Victor's on a surprise. Eventhough my brain said, well, of course we should go to Victor's because it's essentially Friday.

Tom liked the gift. We had a pile of things for the trip from Bob and others that wanted more information. Rick sent me the contact info for a gay couple in the area that I could likely ask more questions of, that was good to know. More information to absorb.

Man, this is going to be an adventure.

Oh, back to the wool closet, on the day we went to watch Enemy of the State, we stopped by the essential oils place and I bought a bottle of cedar wood essential oil. The cedar slats I'd put in the close were dried out, so I added more of the scent and oils back into the wood and that should keep the bugs dead in the closet for a good long time to come. Yes, cedar is the wood that'll keep woolens protected, and we had lots and lots of it, both from the shakes on the roof and from various building projects we've had, including the deck, though that stuff is treated.

So, having taken care of that completely, there's something in my brain or guts or some feeling that I've accomplished something solid, and that there's more to do, but it's doable. Odd how it projects.

So flights are this evening, expensive puppies, but that's to be expected. Hotel and rental cars have all been arranged for five of us, and we're going to be talking with Xilinx people tomorrow and probably going out to lunch or dinner with them. Friday is the free day, and I want to see what rush hour is like, what the city is like, what the grocery stores are like, what the tea houses and coffee shops are like, what the malls have in them, what the water is like, what the school districts are like, where the lakes are, what Fezzik would love in a house, and all kinds of odd bits and pieces of my consciousness of my everyday life and how they would fit into a place like Boulder.

Good thing is that we're going with John and his wife Pat, and Ryan, so we'll have a pool of opinions that should be useful.

So... we're off on the adventure. My notebook is filling up, fast, but I should have stuff for all the trips when I have time, New Years, to dictate 'em all in without destroying my voice... and many thanks to both Anita and Carl who caught the most amusing mangle of words in the Saturday account of Powells. It was a hummer, I was laughing so hard, I fell out of my chair at work when I read the original. I really, really, really have to triple check what the software gives me.

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