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December 14, 1999
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Home Sick. Kinda

So I slept in today. I thought I might get into work in the morning, but when it came time to get up there wasn't any way in the world or out of it that I was going to get up. So I didn't. Instead I just slept and slept until Fezzik came in the room and poked his cold wet nose against mine because his whining and shaking hadn't worked in waking me up for once. So I got up and let him out and then I couldn't go to sleep again.

I got up and made myself some Irish steel-cut oatmeal. Regular, American rolled oats are basically flattened by rollers, so they're in the cannister very flat and very bit, round oatmeal. Irish steel cut oats are cut by steel blades, they're not smooshed, so you get little nuggets of grain that really just look like grain that's been cut. It's very much finer looking than American flat oats. Rolled oats are about a cup per two cups of water and cook for only ten minutes, Irish oats are about a cup per four cups of water and cook for a good thirty to thicken and cook all the way through. I love regular, rolled oatmeal because it has more texture than instant oatmeal, but the cut oats have this marvelous nutty texture that's satisfyingly chewy. Eating cut oats I can actually understand why horses might like eating oats.

So I made myself some cut oat oatmeal and ate it with brown sugar, maple syrup and some milk. Yum. When I was done eating, I was shivery again, so I just went back to bed. Unfortunately not too long later the contractor putting together the basement came to the house and started banging merrily away. Well, it was unfortunate in that he was really loud, it was really fortunate in that he really helped solidify a creaky bit of the house. That was good.

I tried earplugs for a while, and managed to sleep until 11:30, so I finally got up again, dressed, brushed my teeth, put my contacts in and because I was bored and not feeling too bad, I went into work. I stopped by the Safeway on the way to work and got cups of instant mashed potatoes because I was craving one of those for lunch. A really odd craving.

John had told everyone I was sick, so everyone came by to wish me well and hoped that I'd get better. I just sat at my desk, looked at some things and read some email and got a little planning done. I ate my potatoes, only remembering them around 3, and then it was 7 and I thought about going home. I had no idea where John was or how he was. I was able to talk to Bob for a bit, which was good, as we had some plans we had to talk to each other about and with. So we connected up there and I think things will work out.

And around 7 I went home. In the mailbox was a box. In the box was R. Sean's Nobilis. Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah! It finally arrived, and I was really, really, really happy. It's been months. I ordered it from Amazon, but after about three months of waiting, they told me that they wouldn't ship it and couldn't find it. Which really pissed me off because I know how they actually get it from the particular publisher and they were just lame about it. So I ordered it from Wizard's Attic and they made a big order and finally shipped it. So I propped it open and read bits and pieces as I made myself a tuna melt (using mayo and some of the red cabbage salad as 'pickle') with cheese and a pot of tomato soup.

John didn't get back home until well after 9 and then I went to sleep while he was still fiddling with his dinner.

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