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February 3, 2000
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Lighter Day

The stock shot up today.

There was a bunch of us sitting in the coffee room, talking about that. I think we are all a little bit burnt out, from hitting the deadline. It was kind of odd to have the stock go up on that note. Such are the mysteries of daily stock motion.

One very keen thing that happened today was that Debbie told me exactly how much she appreciated the pictures. They are trying to sell their house, and the two dogs aren't particularly conducive to an extremely neat house, one of the prerequisites for selling easily. So the two pups are with their grandmother down in Colorado Springs, and Debbie was missing them terribly on Monday, which is when John handed her the pictures. They turned out so well that they actually helped her, and she was happily talking about getting printouts of the once she liked the most. Turned out that the one of Boris galloping was one of her favorites.

That really helped lighten my day.

Realizing that I am not entirely emotionally stable, I took the extra effort to use the work gym at lunchtime today. It also helped that John actually got out of a meeting at lunchtime, so he brought me lunch. So I was able to get a good physical work out in, and still have a satisfying roast beef sandwich with plenty to drink afterwards.

By the time we went home, I was exhausted again, and John decided to ride the bicycle. So we ordered pizza, and I went to get it. It came back hot, fresh, and really good.

Even with the drops, Fezzik's eye doesn't seem to be getting better. This worries me, however, neither of us had the energy to really deal with it. He seems to be doing okay despite the fact that when he is tired he nearly can't see out of his left eye. In the morning, it seems more normal, but late night it worries me. I guess it is some indication of how tired we are that we decided to just keep going with the drops for a few more days.

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