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February 4, 2000
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Thank God for Fridays

Post-deadline blues today, for me at least. It helped having two meetings, and a few other things that I could putter around with. I was mildly stupid, and had instant mashed potatoes for lunch rather than going out. There are times when I really dislike the additional effort of going out, but I really need to remember that the starch-only diet is one that makes me crash badly in the evening.

The one really bright note of the day was that after an hour meeting with one of our field engineers, he said, "This is a cool as shit tool!"

THAT was very, very heartening. Our marketting group has been very worried about the product being everything they want it to be, eventhough pretty much everyone in the field and in the front lines has said that it's a level up from what they had before. It's kinda depressing knowing that internal marketing doesn't believe in our stuff the way the external field guys do; but it's also very good knowing that the folks that have direct interface with customers are the guys that love it.

I was online for most of the day, when I wasn't in meetings, and caught up with most everyone again, even though it really didn't help my hands. I'll have the entire weekend off, and it was important to me to talk to folks. Geoff and I have been doing well even with my spotty attention of this last week, so I set up a flight to Pittsburgh to see him after the release date, to meet his friends, see his neighborhood, and actually put a physical presence to the electronic one I know. We talked over a lot of the logistics, and I even used my calling card just to get over the hump of having him hear my little girl's voice.

I was exhausted. Not particularly coherent by the end of the day, which was around 8 p.m., because John was busy with other things. Geoff accidentally stumbled into asking me something that just shattered the thin control I had, and had to deal with some of that aftermath. He actually did quite well, given that he's never had to deal with this before and didn't recognize the signs until it was just too late. John came by when he was done with work, took one look, put my coat on me, and went to shut everything down as quickly as possible.

He then led me to the car, turned up the heat, took me to Whole Foods while ignoring my whining and very weak complaints, and then led me around the grocery store while collecting enough stuff for dinner. We also got two chocolate bars, which he opened for me when I got back into the car, so by the time we got back home I wasn't quite as shocky or shaking with cold. It was one vast combination of exhaustion, low blood sugar, and probably hormonal depression as I feel like I should be having my period soon.

John was most excellent and made dinner for me while Fezzik sat on my feet and I ate chocolate. He made sirloin steaks and quick-blanched asparagus while I made instant mashed potatoes at the very last moment, and by the time I finished dinner I was feeling much better and was actually laughing again.

Sleep was like falling into a pit

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