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February 2, 2000
a year ago
two years ago

Lost Days

I really don't remember much about Tuesday. Bad girl. I think a lot of it was just checking everything in, merging it, testing it, making sure it worked at a higher level, getting around the two roadblocks which turned out to be more test bed issues than code, and then publishing everything. I also think I spent the afternoon checking out the extent of one more fix that would solidify the whole feature.

I think the last, because today I fought to get that one fix in this morning. We're only going to have one chance to patch this build with some essential things, and it's the last before strict control. I had a to-do list about as long as my arm today, and it is all due tomorrow, along with status reports and priority reports.

So today might be compressed into Work.

I don't even remember what dinner was today or yesterday. A good indicator that my brain is elsewhere. I do know that I am dreaming of code, and, occasionally, in code.

I have been keeping half of my brain on-line, checking it out whenever I can between compiles, builds, and fires. Hard to be so long without the support of folks that I really do 'see' everyday, nearly.

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