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February 14, 2000
two years ago


I got up and puttered about getting ready for work and I heard John making lattes in the kitchen, occassionally bouncing around and swearing as the steam hissed and the boiler grumbled. I didn't really think all that much of it, came out into the kitchen and then realized I'd left the lotion off my hands, so I went back into the bathroom to put lotion on. While I was in there I heard some tweedling of electronic sound maker in the bedroom. Blinking, surprised, and alerted, I went to find out what was making the noise.

It was a cel phone!! Right on my chest of drawers!! And it had a card with it that said, "For Phyllis." My. Goodness. I picked up the phone, activated it and John said, "Happy Valentine's Day!!" Whee! He then came in and hugged me and I hugged him solidly back and said, "Wow! That's the *best* surprise I've ever gotten for Valentine's Day!!"

I'm about to leave for DunDraCon and I have all these other travel plans for the next few months, so it is really, really keen to have some way for John to contact me wherever and whenever I am. It's really a good Valentine's Day gift as it's a gift of contact. That was really, really sweet. He also had the coolest and cutest card.

A very excellent beginning to the day. Especially since we had an early meeting to get to at 8:30. Oof. Things really are slowing down, the bugs are getting nicer, the problems are all less severe, and everyone is figuring out the very last of the things that need to be done, so it's getting to be very keen indeed. It's very nice to have it jelling this well. Afterwards, I was pleased enough that I just took the time to get all my journal entries up on flick, after having dictated so many yesterday. Lots of work doing all of this at once instead of the piece at a time that I used to do.

The afternoon included talking with Bob as it's a Bob week and that was very cool. Lunch was a whole crowd of us all driving all the way to Santiago's in Lafayette and the whole dozen of us piling into the tiny shop and ordering lots of food and sitting outside in the sunshine while we ate. Yum. Everyone really enjoyed that and really enjoyed being introduced to the spicy, tasty food. The wind was low and the sun was warm, and it was really good to just sit and talk with Bob and folks. He knows about my yearly pilgrimmage to the Bay Area for gaming, and it turns out that his son has picked up the bug. That should be interesting.

John had to work really late. I heard Brandy asking him if he knew what day today was and when he answered to the affirmative, she said that we'd better NOT be staying late tonight. Ah well. Lots of things to do before tomorrow and with tomorrow, and a late meeting, so we didn't get out until after 6. The reservations at the really posh restaurant had been for 9:30, so we didn't really want to do that, so I cancelled them over the weekend. We decided that we wanted to do the Outback Steakhouse, instead, so went to the near one and found that, as expected, they had a 90 minute wait. So we just put our names in, got our pager, and wandered off to Eagle Hardware.

Now isn't that romantic? A couple wandering through Eagle Hardware, looking at everything and anything for the house that they share. That was really fun, acutally and we wasted a whole hour just wandering around, talking, thinking and sharing stuff, which turned out to be really nice. Then we wandered through the night to the drug store, and didn't find what I wanted, and so we went back to the car and then back to the Outback. They still had about fifteen minutes to go, so we went outside in the cold dark and huddled together on a bench because, as usual, John only had shorts on. So we snuggled up happily and watched people go by, the stars wander through the deep dark night and talked some more...

That was really good.

Dinner itself was good. I had to send my rack of lamb back because they'd just seared the outsides and the center was cold, blue and completely uncooked. So I asked for just two minutes on each side and it came back the medium rare that I'd ordered. Odd to realize that I can now just look at a steak and know how much time it would take to be what I want it to be. But it did come back perfect, and we enjoyed our meal. I didn't like the fact that the waitress tried to argue with me a little before she sent it back, but so it is.

We went home, happily full carnivores. We had to clean up a bit for the cleaning lady tomorrow, but once we got most everything picked up we just tumbled into bed. I thought I had enough hands left and gave John a thorough backrub as his day at work was really bad today and when I was through we slept happily. A Happy Valentine's Day.

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