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February 15, 2000
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A Better Tomorrow

Awful, nasty day today.

Woke up early for a meeting, then found out after it that I was assigned a task that I didn't know how to use on software I'd never run before or even touched, with tools I'd never tried to do and I had until Thursday noon to get it done.

Bah. Humbug.

My hands really hurt from all the knitting, typing, and giving John the backrub last night made something go spang. So I stayed off-line all day.

No Bob for lunch, either, so I ended up eating mashed potatoes, which did the usual crash thing to my system late in the day. Also stayed fairly late, so that wasn't a good thing, either. Bah.

We did manage to go to dinner with Bob at the China Gourmet. Got good talking time in and ate really good food and had enough leftover to bring some home. That was actually really nice.

Home late, I suddenly realized I only had two pairs of contacts left after changing for today and I'd damned well better contact an optometrist, and sleep was fitful and filled with problem solving and complexly impossible solutions. It surprised me, a little, to have Geoff's presense in my dreams, just watching.

Hm. I really should think of something nice for today.

John was good, and very nice and extremely busy. Geoff's valentine's gift arrived last night and made me giggle today. He also wrote me a most excellent love letter yesterday and I had fun matching it today. I actually wrote something coherent, possibly for the first time in a very, very long time. That was nice. Mark wrote me today with a very coherent and interesting set of questions that he was actually using to evaluate things for himself. It was a very straightfoward exchange. Xilinx stock shot up all week.

Okay, those were good things, but I really do hope tomorrow is better.

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