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February 16, 2000
a year ago
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Eyes and Bugs

First thing in the morning, I call the folks that were recommended by local folks and ask for an appointment and I'm hoping that I can do it before the 15th of March, and I'm not around this coming weekend and... she interrupts, "Can you come in today, then? 2:45?"

Uhm. Oh. Okay. So I make the appointment, put it in my calander, and promptly forget it ever existed.

I study the problem of the unknowns and then do the obvious thing and grab 'examples' from other working solutions and then start cludgling them all together. Bang. Whack. Shnick. Slice. Slam. It doesn't work, but it gets somewhere.

Suddenly it's lunch time. Bob comes over, we do a walk in the sunshine to the local deli, get good food, talk the good talk about life, development, and how things have worked out since two years ago plus some. That's insane. We never thought we'd be where we are.

Afternoon comes, I sit down for what seems a few minutes with the problem, the alarm goes off. Huh? Oh. Right, my appointment. I think a minute and realize that I don't have Borax's keys. At all. There's only one set and they're on John's keyring. I write him a panic email, but don't have the time to wait for it, so I go over to Bob and ask him to borrow his rental car. Xilinx insurance covers any employee driving one of the rentals, so it's not a big risk on his part. So off I go... zoom.

Get there just in time, get put through one of the most efficient examination processes I've ever run across, end up with the dilation solution in my eyes. Anime Liralen. My. Everything fuzzes around the edges and they take a good look at the internals of my eyes which are doing okay. Though, with my family having a long history of glaucoma, the fact that my eyes are starting to edge towards the higher end of the 'normal' pressure spectrum means I'll have to watch that more closely than most. No blindness before I have to be!

They also have the Wild Eyes cats eyes lenses. Since they have my prescription there's no surcharge for prescription transfers, so I can just buy them from there and I'll do better. Coolness.

Home again home again. Blurs and all I make it back to the office, only to have to face that nasty problem with eyes that can't really see the screen. I ask our resident in-group expert on the systems involved to help, and he is only waiting for other things, so we sit down together, and since the keyboard is my Kinesis keyboard with the odd wells and key structure that has literally had folks running out of my cubicle screaming (a very useful way to keep IS from fucking with my machine unless I'm around) I have to type. It's really funny having Lynn go, "Uhm... that's and X not a K..."

Well, funny, that is until I think I have it fixed, go back to check one thing after chekcing everything in around 6:30 only to find that it's broken still. Badly broken, and we clean up everything we can see and it's *still* broken. Two hours later broken.

By 8:30 I'm hungry, low on blood sugar and have had Bob, Rosty, and Lynn all kibitzing over my shoulder, but none of us can figure it out. I only have one .c file, one .rc file and one external library and I want to compile the sources and link everything together, it can't be this hard!!! Can it?

So I chew John's ear off all the way home, some if it venting with lots of shouting and grumpiness and stuff. Finally settled down after he fed me with quesadillas and soup. Food does amazing things to my mood, but it was pretty much too late for my voice. And it was about 9:30 when we finished dinner. Sleep was quick and hard in the coming... too many things on my brain and too many possible answers to the problem running through my head. I sometimes like the fact that I can wake up with an answer, but it really is hard on the sleep.

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