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February 17, 2000
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Got It!

So the very first thing that happens when we get to work is that I drag John over to my cubicle and the two of us go over things in detail, with debugging turned on in a way I've never seen before. We gradually find the problem, mostly through John's incredible memory over compile switches. Not through any benefit or reason in the system. Problem is that the executable is about two-thirds the size of the original one. Bah.

Other than the fire we're fighting, though, there is little else that's coming up bad. We have a meeting about what little there is, and most of it gets shoved off to the next cycle as it's either an addition, infrequent, or too risky to change. Nice to see it slow down, if I can just get this one thing to be right, I'll have the whole weekend free and clear.

So after the meeting I give the exe to someone that is using it and knows what it's supposed to do and he uses it and tests it in all the ways it's supposed to work and it surprises the hell out of me when it works. Wow. Cool.

I even do the weird things to get it on the right published train and off it goes! Hoorah!

Boss springs for lunch, after the heck that Bob and I went through. Last night, while I was wrestling with things, he came over because he was actually also missing source files. Ouch. I'm one of the only two people left in the group with a setup to get at the really old archives, so I pull all that stuff for him, mail it to him so that he can use it. He was there even later than John and I were. Oof.

So he and I got lunch along with a lady from a different group who happened to be hungry and in the right place. That was good. We went to China Gourmet because we couldn't think of anything else.

It's snowing. Little tiny flakes of white on the wet ground. Puddle. Actual puddles. Water in the air and on the ground and floating white everywhere, not quite sticking until we're halfway through our meal. The sky is grey, Seattle grey, but so much colder here. I may have to drive through all this tomorrow morning to get to the plane, probably need to take a little more time and go the back route, make it on time. Make sure I make it on time. The food was great, the conversation fun, and we were all starving, so while the food was there, we got very silent. The Mongolian beef is marvelous.

I order a lunch for my boss, bring it back as well, as he's been stuck for most of the morning with his dog, who has lesions in her shoulder sockets. She has to have them taken care of, so he's going to various vets and doctors and surgeons today. Poor pup. He is happy to have food.

I spend most of the afternoon just testing some things, getting on-line and talking with people. That's good. I won't see anyone until Tuesday and tonight we're supposed to go to the Irish Pub as a group thing, but John's getting out of his late meeting late. Grump. So I'll be gone. So I'm posting this tonight and I'll add the evening to tomorrow's entry. See you on the other side.

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