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February 24, 2000
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Almost Spring

If I hadn't seen the snowstorm just last week, today I would have sworn it was spring. The sunshine was out, the birds were singing, and there was no bite in the morning air.

Fezzik was slowed down as well, the warm weather seems to have just made him lazier and more placid. Not frighteningly so, just enough that he is just that much more mellow.

I managed to finish all the documentation today. I also knocked off two of my bugs. Then, to top at all off, last night I actually bought a number of frozen dinners that I had tried and liked and I actually remembered to bring one for lunch. So I had a really lovely chicken, cheddar, and tomato noodle bake for lunch. Geoff and Genevieve were really fun to talk to, and it was good to catch-up with them.

We stayed late again, as John has a late meeting in the day. And since my wrists weren't doing so well I asked John to make spaghetti dinner while I rode the exercise bike. He actually asked to ride first, and I had no problems with that. After riding, having a solid dinner, and a warm shower I felt so much better than I sat down in front of the TV and worked on Geoff's scarf. There was a few rounds before the center panels were square, and then I started the border. There was no way I could finish tonight without stressing my hands more than I wanted to, so I was actually wise and put it aside before I got too tired.

Sleep was good.

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