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February 25, 2000
a year ago

Mayfly Restaurants

A quiet day for nearly all the day, at work, that is.

I did manage one big coup, which was that the co-worker who has a farm brought about ten dozen eggs, and sent out email to folks to get them. So I got the email fairly quickly, and so was able to get a full dozen farm fresh eggs. They were all different sizes and different colors, some were pale green, some were brown, others a warm cream color. He had Easter Egg chickens who laid all kinds of colors of eggs; but I loved them for the fact that they have deep, redder yolks than normal store-bought eggs and they taste marvelous.

John invited folks to lunch and we went out to try the Flying Burro, a New Mexican themed restaurant was open just this last summer. Amusingly enough, it was closed again when we went there today. Not just closed, but out of business, long-gone and a For Lease sign out front. Oops.

So we went to the same burrito place, next door, that was there the other time that Cary and John and I tried to go to the Flying Burro. That was pretty funny coincidence. So we managed to have a really good lunch there, again as well. Touch competition at half the price and a far more Americanized menu. The longevity of restaurants can be short enough without shortening it by being right next to really touch competition. It's so weird how white bread Coloradian tastes seem to be, especially Boulderites, who seem to pride themselves in being cosmopolitan in their eats, yet eat stuff that has far more relation to tuna cassarole and peanut butter and jelly, or steak and potatoes and chicken tenders than to the food of the supposed nations that the restaurants are supposed to be from.

Okay. Maybe I'm just bitter about the near complete lack of authentic Chinese food. There are East Indians that say that a couple of restaurants around here do pretty good Indian food.

It was pretty sunny, but the wind was just blowing. Hard and solidly. We could feel it on the way back to work from lunch.

We had to stay late again. Geoff was good company when I'd finished stuff and we just talked until John could finish. For all that I ate an enormous lunch, I was starving by the time it was after 8, and Geoff kept me well distracted to keep me from getting too loopy. John finally ended up making the Stouffer's French bread pizzas from the freezer and feeding that to me. That was useful.

I was so beat from the week that I just sat and watched TV and then picked the scarf up again and finished the bulk of the border while watching and just being generally brain dead.

One really cool thing was that I'd asked Mom and Dad for a translation for Geoff a couple of weeks ago and today I actually received, in the mail, the translation! It was really cool of Mom and Dad to do that, and the translations they got from family friends were really gorgeous. Dad did a really neat job of brushing the characters down and they'd even made the chop equivalents next to them, so that Geoff could go off and get chops made if he wanted. So that was very keen.

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