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February 26, 2000
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Running Around and Romantic Dinners

Woke up earlier than we usually do on weekends, but the day was sunny and warm and there didn't seem a good reason to stay in bed. I wasn't particularly too sleepy as I'd actually caught up on most of the hours I was missing.

John was cool and made breakfast, too, after doing dinner last night, and he made breakfast burritos. He did my egg completely perfect, over medium, which means that the white is completely cooked and the yolk has a cooked outside layer and the inside of it is just still a big runny. Yum. The egg was delicious along with the other burrito fillings he had, which included ripe avocado and sausage and things. A great start to the day.

Lots of errands we had to do, and before we even went out I did the finishing work on the scarf for Geoff, packed it up and got it all ready to mail. So the very first stop was the post office, where there was no line and I got out of there in just a couple minutes. I also took a few more boxes along with me for future mailings.

The post office stop was on the way to John's haircut and the lady was running late, so we just sat and read magazines and talked for a while before she went and sheared John, who hadn't had a haircut in about six months. He just forgot. That was pretty funny. I had fun watching John get a near flat top and then talking over with her the concept I have for my new hair style, i.e. streaks of blue over the black with the blue fringe at the bottom and she had a good grasp of what it would take. So I scheduled an appointment with her while John was off to France with plenty of time to get things done. I'm not sure, yet if I want tiger stripes in the red-orange that my hair gets when it's bleached a little or if I want blue stripes... well, I'll probably see what it looks like tiger striped first, and then decide on wheither or not the dye goes on.

The lady is so nice I may well schedule frequent dyeing appointments with her to keep the color intense rather than the silvery opal it is at the ends, now. Which *is* nice, but in a different way.

After that we went to find carpet for the basement, and while we looked at everything, there were like four samples we decided to take home to compare everything in the light down in the basement. Loaded them into the car and when to Target, which was right on the edge of Longmont and went through and loaded up on stuff, including a bottle of Suave .67 per bottle conditioner, as I'd run out of the expensive stuff and I wondered just how well the cheap stuff would work on my regular hair. Seems a waste to use the really expensive stuff when my hair doesn't even really notice since it's so thick and strong it doesn't seem to really need too much conditioning anyway.

Home again, home again, and a quick lunch to boot. Then we wandered over to Jonah's with Fezzik and Fezzik and Shiloh, Jonah's 'new' dog (he's had him about four months plus, but we just hadn't gotten over to meet the big sweety, yet), had a blast running around the back yard. We just sat and watched them and talked until the sun started going down. It felt good to be out in the sunshine and just doing nothing but watch dogs play. Very relaxing.

Back home and a good, long, hot shower later I was adding hair gel to my squeaky clean hair that did like the Suave stuff just fine, and I pulled all my hair back to a clean line and kept it back with a silver band. Then into an evening dress and heels and John and I were off to McCormick's downtown. It'd been a while since we'd gone to a *really* nice restaurant and John thought it was time to go and do that.

So we arrived in Denver at twilight, when the streets were starting to darken and there was the ever-present wind streaming between the buildings. My skirts whirled about my legs as we walked through part of the walking mall to get to the old hotel and the McCormick's fish and seafood restaurant. They're famous in the area for well-prepared seafood items and good, fresh oysters. So I studied the menu and found the tender, tiny, sweet Northwest breed of oysters from a cove in Washinton and order half a dozen of those, then a cup of lobster bisque and finally followed it up with a monkfish entree for my main course. John went for a Caeser salad, and a really gorgeous scallop dish that was beautifully prepared.

The oysters were perfect. Tiny, sweet, briny, still in their own liquor, tender, and strong enough to take just a smidge of horseradish or lemon juice. I love the small oysters, mostly because they're not tough like the big ones and they usually are very flavorful, concentrated and delicious. These were that good. And I had them served well before they even thought about bringing the soup because I wanted to savor their flavor and texture all to themselves. When the lobster bisque came, it came with John's salad and the two of us enjoyed happily, the soup was rich and savory and deep with the flavor of lobster and creamy with the sweetness of tomatoes. It was a perfect soup for me. John loved his salad and tasted my soup and grinned and said that it was perfect for me. He likes his salads, I love my soups.

Dinner was really nice. They call monkfish 'poor man's lobster' in the areas that monkfish is plentiful. Cooked monkfish really has pretty much exactly the texture and flavor of lobster tail and it stood up very, very well to the three reduction sauce it sat in, rich and smoky with flavor. The garlic mashed potatoes didn't overwhelm it at all, nor did the buttered brussel sprouts. The brussel sprouts were wonderful, tight and green and tiny, tender with butter and still firm though cooked. They did the details right.

We took our time, and then lingered over dessert and coffee as well. That turned out really well, and we both ordered a hazelnut-chocolate torte that was really lovely and rich with both ingredients. We talked about seeing a movie, afterwards, but were so happy and full afterwards that we modified it to a video at home. So we went to the vid store next to the grocery store and got Wild Wild West and also bought a few groceries, more staple items than anything, just flour and oil and a few other things. One of the things was that stew beef/pot roast beef was on sale for a little more than a buck a pound, so I got two pounds of that, and decided to make beef stew tomorrow.

The movie was silly, fun and we were glad we did nothing more than rent it. I loved the old serial so much, and this was just so completely different. But it was fun and we cuddled up on the couch to watch and that was very good, too. A nice, romantic evening.

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