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February 3, 2002
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A Good Jet Day and Letter Writing

8:12 pm: Jet had an amazingly good night last night, given that he'd had ice cream, butter cream frosting, and all the excitement of the party. He only got up once last night, and then got up a bit before 7. John got a whole night's sleep and I got to sleep in until very late.

Jet was cheerful and playing steadily all morning and went out with John to get coffee while I slept. When I finally did get up, I thought it would be nice to have waffles. The waffle irons had gone through the dish washer, so I asked John if he would brush oil on them before doing waffles. He said he wouldn't, as we've run our old irons through the dishwasher before and they hadn't needed the extra oil. So he would have had to deal with the really sticky irons.

Yeah, the waffles stuck terribly. In face, it took three sets of waffles and subsequent oil brushings to get the irons re-seasoned. We finally made a whole extra batch of waffle batter to actually get to eat something that was larger than a finger's worth of waffle that had been peeled off a sticky iron. With the second batch, however, it worked out really well. I used Mom's trick of using a can of my seltzer water for the water for the instant mix, and they did turn out nice and tender and crisp around the edges.

Yum. We had blueberry yogurt with them and Jet cheerfully ate waffle pieces as well as spoonfuls of yogurt. John had fed him oatmeal and blueberry and banana puree before going out to get coffee, so he wasn't that hungry, but he was hungry enough to be sociable.

The afternoon was lazy and quiet. Jet took a good, long nap. John got to do tax stuff. I got to write letters to seven different people, including two folks who hadn't gotten holiday letters. I know it's late for that, but it was fun to just do it. I also wrote Sharon, a friend from high school, whom I haven't heard from over ten years. I found an address for her on the Internet, and I thought I should at least try.

Several folks from high school and even from grade school have written me from the Internet. Most of them did so about a year ago, and most of them dropped away again, but I should probably try keeping them up again. Writing letters with a fountain pen on good stationary or cards is tactilely satisfying. I did, however, realize that all this electronic writing has spoiled me somewhat, I can't go back and edit a handwritten letter, and I've forgotten how to actually compose my thoughts before setting down words.

I'll just have to practice some more.

John's Mom and Dad called this afternoon to wish Jet a happy birthday and to just talk a while. They'd been skiing and had had a good time. They'll be bringing Jet's present in April, when they come to visit. Keen.

Jet had a great day, too. He was happy, and doing a large amount of his playing while standing. He was, at one point, holding one of the rubber dinosaurs from a book Beth gave him, where the dinosaurs are parts of the thick pages and can be peeled off the page, in his teeth while he had one in each hand and he stood up to wave them about wildly until he unbalanced himself and he fell back onto his butt. He laughed with delight on landing. He also pulled Kathy's six foot long boa puppet by its tail from his play box and dragged it around using the tail to poke things and get other toys to spin. I was impressed.

Dessert was cake. We had chicken strips and baked mojos and carrot sticks for dinner while watching the Super Bowl. It was an interesting and close game. I really enjoyed it

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