Liralen's Adventure Through Life
February 2002
  1: Busy, Productive Day
  2: Jet's Birthday, Observed Again!
  3: A Great Jet Day and Letter Writing
  4: One Year Checkup
  5: Simple Tuesday
  6: Sleepless in Erie
  7: Low-Grade Frustrations
  8: Opening Winter Olympic Ceremonies
10: Feverish Weekend
11: Wonderful Answers
12: Playing With Jet
13: Egoboo and Water Aerobics
14: A Pleasant Day and Valentine's Dinner
16: Out And About
17: Going To Church and Rearranging the Office
18: Pile of Pictures
19: Walking Outside Again
21: Food Fun
22: Fruits of Conflict
23: Spring-like Day
24: Going Back To First Congregational
26: Jet's First Haircut
27: Swimming, Working, and The Water Slide
28: Snow Storm

I can't believe it's been an entire year. We've had Jet an entire year, and it seems like it wasn't all that long ago that we climbed into the Baby Buggy, took off down snowy roads to Boulder Community Hospital.

Now it's been a year, and we have a really happy, active, mobile boy that's starting to do his best to walk around, who can communicate, who can do stuff, and is learning how the world works. I'm amazed, astonishhed by how much he's accomplished in a single year.

The month has been filled with baby colds and illnesses, the Winter Olympics, visiting Longmont's First Congregational church to see what there is to see, and my doing water aerobics with Joan. The last two new adventures are working out pretty well and may work out on a regular basis. I'm amazed what a difference regular exercise of the body as well as of the mind and soul can make.

The weather here has been schizoid. Freezing and snowy and blowing some of the time, spring warm other times. March should be even more interesting, weather-wise, as it's the snowiest month here in Colorado.

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