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February 4, 2002
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One Year Checkup

9:38 pm: It is a Monday, and it felt like one and worked out like one. Going back to work was kind of hard. Jet had a good night, and a good time at Joan's and went to sleep on the way home.

He got in a good nap and we got more work done than usual. I woke him up at ten 'til two to nurse him before we headed into Longmont for his one year checkup with Dr. Turner. It was interesting finding him a bit shyer of Dr. Turner than we've ever seen him, before. He was also more uncertain of being there. It was kind of sad seeing him uncertain.

Jet did, however, spend most of the examination standing. It was kind of funny having him stand while Dr. Turner used the stethoscope on him and checked out his ears and stuff. He also got weighed and measured. He's now 20 pounds and one ounce, 28 1/4 inches long and has a 47.1 cm circumference head. He's slowed down his height and weight growths and his head growth was in line with his previous growth. It was very amusing to have Dr. Turner say that he was completely normal, with a 10th percentile height and a 75th percentile head circumference. It really brought home how widely inclusive the term 'normal' is.

He seems to also be perfectly normal in his speech and motor skills development. Dr. Turner really liked his hand coordination and fine motor control. That was good to know. He loved playing with the enormous bead frame in the examination room. He loves his smaller ball of beads at home, so the big version was really fascinating for him.

He got three shots. He cried a lot at them, and got cuddled after the hurt. He also got purple dinosaur self-sticking bandages that weren't Barney. Poor kid. He clung to me until we got to the car, and fell asleep pretty quickly on the way home.

He napped until after I'd left for my massage appointment. John fed him solids and then took him downstairs to play while John was biking and I rescued John from a smelly baby attack (Jet loves crawling over and chewing on John's toes). Jet needed changing, which was possibly why he was attacking John. So I took him upstairs and changed him and played with him until John had showered. Then I made dinner.

When we were in San Diego, I bought a $1.95 package of phad thai from Trader Joe's, thinking it would be fun to at least try. It is just a package of noodles and sauce, and you're supposed to add some kind of protein, usually chicken, tofu, or shrimp. It also asks for an egg, some bean sprouts and chopped or crushed peanuts. All of which can be found even in Colorado stores. So I did it with some shrimp that were mildly freezer burned. I also added a bit of slivered carrot, as I like carrot in my phad thai.

It was delicious. It made plenty for two people, and tasted really authentic. I really enjoyed it and the best thing was that the sauce has no MSG in it at all. So no funny after taste feelings from it. I'm going to have to ask someone with access to a Trader Joe's to send me a dozen of the packages or something, sometime. It was so good and every Thai place local to here hasn't made phad thai that's even nearly as good as this. I had been so disappointed in the local shops, but now I could actually make it in my own kitchen! Yay!

Okay. So long as someone is kind enough to send me some or I pick some up the next time I'm on the West Coast.

Jet loved what he got in his bowl and ate it with both hands. John slurped his up as well with a very generous slathering of red pepper flakes. Someday I'll have to make him a batch with slivered jalapenos in the oil, first. It was a very satisfying dinner.

I'm sore from the massage. I always suffer more after missing a week with CeLena. It's just the way it is. Jet went to sleep pretty easily after getting some of his brain sucked out of his nose. Poor kid had boogers the size of a Washington slug plugging his nose up. So we cleared it all out and after being able to breath he went to sleep much more readily.

He's tired from his immunizations, I think, and his legs are still sore. I hope sleep will help

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