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February 6, 2002
two years ago
four years ago

Sleepless In Erie

Ugh. John and I each had, maybe, five hours of sleep each. And when I got up to take care of Jet at 7, Joan called to say that she had stomach flu bad. So we have to keep Jet. It also means no swimming tonight, but maybe tomorrow.

Jet was up pretty much every hour last night. Some of it was gas, some of it was probably him teething or something, and some of it was probably from his shots from this checkup, and he was just really easily awaken. It was somewhat frustrating, but Jet was so obviously in distress that neither of us got mad at all and it felt good to take care of him. I think that if you'd told me that I'd be up all night for a kid two years ago, and that I wouldn't have been upset or mad at him at all I am sure I would have never believed you.

John and I planned and he took Jet for the morning, and we handed off during a very pleasant and unhurried lunch at a the little Chinese place at 95 and Arapahoe. Bob and Cary and Ryan showed up and they came just as John was changing Jet on the back of the Baby Buggy. It was in the high 50's and Jet had sunshine and was quite happy in the fresh air.

Lunch itself was wonderful. Everyone had a beer, relaxed a little and we talked and had a good time and Jet ate a little of everything. When we got home, he even slept for one of my meetings and we played cheerfully on the floor for the other. Then I fed him some solids and we went into Boulder, met up with John and gave him a little more time to work.

On the way, I found that the Baby Buggy was near empty on gas and the windows were so dirty I couldn't see out of them. So I stopped at the Erie Conoco, i.e. The Erie Mall, and I got gas and washed all the windows. Jet thought I was playing peekaboo and he'd laugh and wave at me wildly every time he could see me through the glass as the glass got clean. That was pretty funny.

After getting John we went into Boulder and hit The Cheesecake Factory and I had the Factory meatloaf. Plain, solid, filling food. Jet dove into the kids plate, and cheerfully munched down all the oranges, threw half the bread on the floor and pulled apart all the banana slices. He ate meatloaf happily and my peas cheerfully. He flirted with all the waitresses, the ladies that were waiting for a table, and even charmed a passing grandmother into petting him on the head and talking with him about the food he'd tossed aside.

I caught one waitress playing peekaboo with him, she was ducking back and forth behind me and Jet was laughing to beat all, and giving her his flirting grin. She loved it, but looked all embarrassed, for a moment, when she found me looking at her. She apologized, but I laughed and said, "No, no, that's fine, it's good when he laughs."

I even got a plain piece of cheesecake. After seeing cheesecake everywhere on Food TV in anticipation of Valentine's day, it was necessary to get a piece. I mildly regret it, as it wasn't that good, and after driving John back to work and getting Jet home and safely into the bedroom, since he was fast asleep in the car, my gut protested really badly, and I was sitting on a toilet until John got home.


So I think I have Joan/Haley's stomach bug, with my usual expression of such things. Grumble.

Then, of course, when we woke Jet up to change him and feed him before putting him to bed, he wouldn't go back to sleep. I stayed up with him because I was hurting anyway. John got to sleep for a bit, before I finally gave up and handed Jet off. Ugh. I hope tomorrow is better

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