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February 5, 2002
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Simple Tuesday

I got to do a lot of work today. Jet slept quite a lot today, three naps of about an hour long each after getting home from Joan's.

Tuesdays are usually pretty good. I get the two hours in the morning. I have the one hour meeting in the afternoon that I don't have to pay too much attention to, and then I usually get an hour's nap from Jet outside of that. But he slept a lot today, and I got a leisurely lunch as well as plenty of time to work.

John even came home a little early, and when Jet was awake, he took him to ride the exercise bike so I had nearly another hour.

I made stovies for dinner. Just onions and potatoes, and then when the potatoes are cooked, I add some browned ground beef and frozen peas. While John was showering, I topped them off with cheddar and broiled them until the cheese was all melted and gooey and good. A very simple, satisfying dinner. Yay

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