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February 7, 2002
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Low Grade Frustrations

10:08 pm: I am tired, simply worn through. Jet's had two bad nights in a row and his fever has come back with a vengeance and it's made him mildly unhappy all day. When he'd normally be mildly unhappy, he'd get cranky today. Last night he went to sleep late, late, and I stayed up with him until 11, then John took over until 12. I had a bad gut last night, and it's better today, but I was safe.

Work was frustrating. Things I thought were only a paper's edge from being done all came back to me with more yet to do and more yet to decide and more yet to figure out. So it is. I think I finished four things today, and had them all come back with one more thing, none of them trivial to do.

Joan was still feeling badly, last night, and had called to say that we should plan for her not to be here. The maids were here today, and John did the best he could before he left to clean up. He also came back home afterwards, but his meetings actually made having him here harder on Jet and I than if he hadn't come home until he decided enough was enough and he punted on all his meetings as well.

My left, bottom crown still aches. I halfway remember that it has always not been too good, but it's only since the fillings that it's bothered me badly. Now it still bothers me when I eat. I will make an appointment tomorrow with my good dentist and we'll do something about it. I remember, before Halloween, that there had been a time when I had eaten without pain or having to be too careful on that one side of my mouth, but it's been so very long since I've been able to eat without having to be conscious of that side of my mouth.

So I'll do something about it, but, right now, it makes me tired and sad and mildly angry that life has to be pain.

Jet's gone to sleep better tonight. I should follow soon. I didn't go swimming on my own, as Joan's still feeling bad tonight. I didn't have the energy or the gumption to do it alone. I don't feel too badly about that. I should, however, do some exercise sometime.

Tomorrow might be a better day

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