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February 15, 2003
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Raining, Major Manga Accident, and Whirlwind

11:36 pm: It's raining outside.

I have the sliding door open, and for a while the rain was just pouring down in a roaring flood. There was the sound of streams coming off the flat rooftops, and it overwhelmed the sound of the traffic off the freeway. It's slowing now, but it's just a steady hiss over the roar of traffic, and the tock tock of the big drops hitting the plastic furniture on the patios below my window.

I missed the rain all evening. We were gaming. I should remember that I'm not very good at comedic gaming. That I don't SAY things off the top of my head, and therefore am never quite as entertaining as Carl. But that it's okay, as I entertain and think in other ways. Still, I felt badly. I am not fast the way these people are fast, and it's sometimes something for my self-doubt to feed on.

It doesn't help that, at the moment, I miss Jet and John dearly. That when John told me that Jet was talking about me today. Just a mention while he was talking in the car, that it struck me how much I miss him. I don't feel stupid around them, usually.

The rose is doing well, from Trader Joe's. It's in deep water and is happy enough.

I felt silly taking a more subtle teenage character without any long range weapons or abilities into a hard hitting Champion's game, where wide area-effect damage was expected and intended. Ah well. I'll learn to take a GM's characters for next time. So it is.

But I loved listening and watching everyone else. I just kind of wished that I could add to the punning and stuff myself. I just need to work at speaking, again, I guess. It's harder, as I don't have to say much with Jet. I guess that's the other reason the Lone Wolf and Cub stories appealed to me so much, the father and son nearly never speak directly to each other, but they know each other's hearts and just know what the other is going to do.

Carl and I did have an adventure today. That was very cool. In the morning, we both got up late, as we didn't have games, and we went out for breakfast at the complex just next to the hotel. There were many things to choose from, especially since it was nearly lunch time. There were bagels, Peet's, and a Whole Foods. We ended up at the bagel shop with scallion cream cheese and lox slices. Reminded me of home, I guess, and it was very good.

From there, we decided to get comicbooks, and on the way we got gas and stopped at a Drink World type of place and bought locally brewed ginger beer, Henry's root beer, and plenty of sparkling water. I like sparkling water enough that it was very important to me to get some. I also bought a small box of Guittard chocolate squares, each only 10 grams of bittersweet chocolate, dark and gorgeous, the box itself smelled wonderful.

We then hit the comicbook store in Livermore, as Carl knew that they had a good selection of the Long Wolf and Cub manga books. They did, indeed, have everything other than 1, 2, and 3. So I bought 4-28, and hoped to heck that John wouldn't get a call about his wife spending nearly $300 on comicbooks in a far away place. I needed to tell him myself. But I really needed these, in some odd way.

So many modern comicbooks have lost... hmm... what I'd say is a moral center. It's odd for me to say it that way. I so hate judging and being judged, but the whole struggle of intelligent beings to do the Right Thing is something that hooks my soul. I love the idea of doing the moral thing despite laws, rules, or other authorities. Maybe that's different than what some people think of as moral, as it more closely matches the forces for chaos. But so many modern comics don't have that as a center for their characters or their stories, and it seems to stand at the very heart of Lone Wolf and Cub. Or maybe it's just purity of self... the ability and desire to follow through with what one believes is right, even if it tears apart the world. Which may be argued is actually evil.

Whatever it is, I get a lot of it from this series, and I haven't gotten it from many modern series of comicbooks. And I needed to steep myself in this story.

Some of it is also that Daigoro, the Cub of the stories, goes from being about a year old to being somewhere between four and five at the end of the series. The growth of his character and his abilities is so close to what I'm experiencing with Jet that some part of it may prove to be an object lesson.

As the parent does, so does the child. Who the parent is impresses the child and what the child finds valuable, what the child learns, what the child does and how the child trusts. That is a set of lessons I want to see the whole of.

Anyway. From there. We went to a Mail Boxes Etc, got it all packed up and ready to go, and then we went to Carl's place. He then gave me 1-3, and we packed them into the box along with another book he is lending me, and we left the box at his place when we realized that the post office was closed. I may well just have to go back and get it and bring it on the plane with me as checked luggage. We'll have to see.

it'd be cheaper to just check it than mail it, I think. And after all the money I've already spent, it would be good to spend a little less on such a heavy box.

Carl also made up my character sheet of Whirlwind and tweaked her to play in the game tonight. The con's web page had lists of all the people that made all the games. So we knew that we were in the Champion's game together. From there, we headed back to the hotel, got to the game and had a fun time.

There was one girl who was gaming for the very first time, and she did wonderfully and got her very first gaming book! She was very pleased, and is probably going to trade it in for a more fundamental Hero system book. Which is very cool.

Gretchen wandered in at one point, went back up to Carl's room to nap. Earl got breaks at various points and came in to watch. We went and watched his game for a bit when we could. Then we went upstairs and talked with Gretchen for a while. I got really tired, and my milk ducts are all full, so I went back to my room to write this, listen to the rain, and drink some Echinacea tea that I'd bought from Trader Joe's. It's quite pleasant, all around.

I got to talk with John during the game, a bit, and managed to get out of combat before taking some time to talk with him.

It was so nice to get the update and be able to tell him about the books. I probably won't be buying any gaming materials at the con, as usual, and I've not bought comics for so long. But we're mostly living off my part-time paychecks at the moment, so I'm going to probably have to do something to cover this before the cruise. So it is.

I should pump and get to sleep so that I can make breakfast at 10. The rain is now steady, and I might even be lucky enough to go to sleep to the sound of rain. I'd love that.

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