Liralen's Adventure Through Life
February 2003
  1: By Myself and Todder Party
  2: Jet's Birthday and Baptism
  3: Class, Jet's Checkup, and Jet's Book
  4: Stress, Pizza, and Pop-Tarts
  5: Snow Adventures: Garbage Truck and Missing Swimsuit
  6: Frozen Ramen, Artichoke Casserole, and Schoolhouse Rock
  7: Parents' Night Out
  8: Baby Shower and Casa Alvarez
  9: Isabel's Okay, Ramen, and Packing
10: John's Parents Leave and I Catch Up
11: Wandering Around the Church
12: Second Baby Shower, Biking, and Lists
13: Getting to Oakland and Santa Cruz
14: First Day and Game of Dundracon 27
15: Raining, Major Manga Accident, and Whirlwind
16: Day with Chris and Christy
17: Morning Game and Flight Delay
18: Zombie Me and a Better Swimming Lesson
19: Lunch with Bernd, Hungry Jet, and Swimming
20: Pancakes, Tamales, and French Fries
21: Losing Liam, Haircuts, and China Buffet
22: Night Moves, Writing, and Puttering
23: Jet Cheers People Up, Longmont Rec. and Brown Rice
24: Distracted Day and Taxes
25: Swimming Lesson
26: Last Deep Water Aerobics Class
27: Packed Day
28: Communication

A very snowy month, especially given that it normally doesn't snow until March and April. So it's been good for the snow pack in the mountains, but it's made for some really hazardous driving down here on the ground.

We started the month with John's parents here, taking care of Jet, which was really great, and they gave us a night out to just try and see how Jet coped. He and they did quite well. I'm very glad, though it seems that Isabel might have come down with the stomach flu we'd fought earlier in the year. Not fun.

I then, nearly immediately, headed out to Oakland and DunDraCon 27 with Carl. It was a wonderful time, and all my fears were pretty much put to rest. I'm glad. It was a wonderful trip and it got me back in touch with things that I haven't really paid too much attention to for the last two years. It was nice to get that part of my life back, along with the entire set of Lone Wolf and Cub manga.

The last half of the month has been shadowed by the death of one of Jet's playmates at church. We've done things, anyway, and are prepping for our cruise at the beginning of next month, getting a list of places and things my parents have a chance of feeding Jet while we're away.

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