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February 16, 2003
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Day with Chris and Christy

9:56 pm: I had a relatively quiet day today, though a lot seems to have happened. I always seem to have bits of stretched time at gaming conventions. I wonder if it's the fitting of an adventure in mere hours, that stretches it.

Breakfast was quite successful, as Chris and Christy made it at exactly 10. I actually got up at 8, rode an exercise bike in the hotel's fitness room, showered, pumped, and was ready in plenty of time. We all met up at Carl's room, including Gretchen and Earl, and we all just headed to the hotel restaurant. There was a discount for hotel guests that I hadn't spotted the first night when we ate here, and this time we got it for our breakfast buffets. I liked that.

I ate way too much, though, since it was a buffet. Ah well. It was good, though, to just be able to sit and talk with the Chrises and catch up with them, with Gretchen, Earl and Carl all throwing in their bits. I got to show them my Jet pictures, and they got their baby longing tweaked a bit. Mmm... baby.

Anyway... after breakfast, Carl and I found out that we hadn't made it into any of the evening or afternoon games, so Carl ran his own game. It was Feng Shui, and a friend of his brought along a girl who had never played RPGs before, and she got to learn Feng Shui as well! Yay!

So we got to play. Carl had the Hong Kong Special Crimes Unit (SCUM) just off a big bust, and we got a cush job guarding a crazy, old professor before he had to give a talk. They even lent us a posh luxury boat with teak walls, a bar, and all kind of good stuff to talk the prof out to international waters. So we did.

It got whacky after that.

We had a great time. At six, Carl had to take Gretchen to his place so that she could have access to a computer, and she'd slept the whole time we were playing, so she was in great shape for it. She was going to play mush stuff, and then sleep afterwards or join back up with us.

The Chrises and I talked until Carl showed up again, and then we went out for dinner at Marie Calandars. John called in the middle of dinner. Yay! So I got to talk to him in a situation other than being in the midst of combat. Hee. That sounds kind of funny, but yesterday, John called while I was in the middle of a combat sequence in the high school game, so I had to ask him to call me back fifteen minutes later, when I was well out of it. It was, however, mildly bemusing to have to say, "No, I'm not in combat." out loud, in the midst of a busy restaurant.


It was good to hear about Jet. Dinner was good, but far too much, and then we had to have pie. They were selling all their pies for $5.99, which is less than the price of two slices. So the Chrises and I split a pie, cut it into six slices, and each got a slice. They got to take the other half home, along with a very cute, plastic pie cutter and server. Hee.

We went back to the hotel, talked while I repacked, yet again, the box that was now going home with me, and got all the Trader Joe's fruits, nuts, and chile into there. I thought I might as well take advantage of all the room, and packed enough peanuts into it to make it *tight*. So when it was tossed around, nothing shifted or moved, and I knew that I had fruit or nuts in every corner, in case the corners did get bashed in at all. So it should do okay, I think. I just hope that I can check plain boxes any more, as I haven't seen them on the luggage carousels this time around, yet. Usually there are half a dozen sloppily packed, brown paper boxes *somewhere*, but this time, so far, I haven't seen many, if any.

But it'll definitely be cheaper to fly this home than mail it, even if the searching process takes much longer and much more hassle.

Ah well. At least Carl should get me to the airport early. We did get into an 8 am game that's supposed to last until 2, and we're going to just have to run for it at the end of the game

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