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February 18, 1999
a year ago

Another Step

John's been fighting a cold for the last three days, but he's finally got a day where he doesn't really have to go to work. I woke up around 7:30, got up, put on my biking shorts and hopped on the stationary bike for a good two and a half miles at a fairly stiff resistance. Was entirely sweat soaked by the time I was done. Just sat, cooled off, stretched as I stiffened, and then went up to take a shower. John got up then as well, showered, dressed, then, while I was finishing off my shower, he sat downstairs and watched cartoons, and nearly fell asleep.

I told him to stay home. He did.

He also gave me a list of things that had to get done, which was good. I deposited the check for the Happy Buddha. I mailed stuff, copied stuff, got FAX'ed stuff from the realtor in Boulder. The folks accepted our offer, and notified the folks that had the first offer on the house that in order to do this, they had to get things done in order to close at the end of March. It turns out that the folks selling the place really wanted to close by the end of March as they had other things they had to get on to, and the other buyers weren't able to prove they could close by then, so that worked out for both the sellers and us.

So I feel better about it all. I also feel pretty good about getting things done and sneaking in a side trip to the Asian market to get more Fresh ramen. When I was sick, all I wanted was soup and noodles. It should help him out a little, too.

The whole day was spent dictating my notes into the computer. When the dictation software's been used a while, it's good to start over with the dictation data, as then you get better accuracy again. Bad habits at the beginning of the dictation, and what gets corrected, really messes up the original template and doing it fresh again usually helps things out. So I did that for part of the morning, then found that the dictation went much more quickly and accurately.

That was good.

Then, in the late afternoon, John called and told us that we had a house. They had not only accepted, but the folks that had the contingencies pulled out of the contract as they couldn't clear their contingencies. So that's all over. Done. We have the house.

It seems nearly anticlimactic.

And then I feel the avalanche of All The Things That Need To Be Done To Sell Our Present House, and I realize there's still more things to get through. Paniced when I thought about it full-blown, again, but there's a lot, still, to get through. Steps. Baby steps. Just keep doing the baby steps and we'll get through. Though some part of me is panicing, already, about how to get Fezzik to Boulder. Is a few hours of sheer terror on the plane worth avoiding a few days of boredom and cramped quarters?

We'll see.

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