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February 19, 1999
a year ago


I can tell just how chaotic things get when I have a lot of backfilling to do on the journal. So it's kinda crazy, all in all. I'm putting more of the DDC stuff in as I go, and as my hands can take it.

That's the house.

No mountains in the picture, as they're behind the camera. It's yellow. Which isn't a bad thing, just bright and the interior is sunny enough that it's worth it. All the windows you see are all pointed at the range view. So it's pretty keen. I like the porch that runs around the whole house, Fezzik will love that, he'll be able to hide in cave-like portions of that whenever he likes and be sheltered from sun and wind and everything.

It's actually a sunny day today. John and I decided on a realtor for selling the house and I figured out a way to use a mop handle to keep Fezzik in doggy jail for a bit by running it through all the chair legs and into the hallway wall on either side. That should keep him for a while, but I heard him, last night, rattling the chairs for a while to use his usual tricks in getting out. I don't doubt he'll think of something else eventually. He's too smart.

Heard a really awful story about a dog getting lost and possibly killed at the Atlanta airport last night. I'm thinking, more and more, about borrowing Regis' truck to transport Fezzik in, along with the boxes of Stuff that the moving companies won't move. It would give him room to roam about a bit, we could lend Regis the Passat for a while, and it would probably take care of more of my concerns than just about anything. It would likely cost us another weekend or two to get it back to her, but that's nothing in comparison to everything else we've been through. It seems like a likely possibility, now.

I'm slowly getting more obsessed with the Olympus D-500L digital camera. Thought the D-600L is also kinda cool, too. There's a lot that can be done with the simpler camera as well. Might be a *lot* easier to get pictures to get on here, rather than having to wait for the finish of the roll of film, the development and then the whole scanning thing.

We had to go Seattle side to pick up the Range Rover. John had had a friend clean out all the broken overdrive bits, and it was all done and ready to come home. So, on the way, we stopped by a camera shop to check out what the D-500L was really like. There's only so much one can get from reading reviews and auction items on ebay and ubid, and pictures are very nice but it never really gives you a good feeling for how it's going to *feel* in the hand. So we went to heft one and look through it and power it up and take pictures of each other with the camera to see how they turned out.

Very nice indeed. The carbon fiber body is exquisitely light and the SLR setup did, very well, show what you were going to get. All glass optics felt way too light, but the results were good. I'm impressed, and they've been around enough that the auction prices are about half the retail price, a little more, in some cases, so the things keep their value pretty well. The SmartMedia cards are coming down in price as well, so having constantly reusable 'film' would be very cool indeed.

The photoshop guy loved the things, so that was good data to have as well. I felt a little bad that we weren't buying from him, but not too much so. The prices were definitely inclusive of all the shop costs, all the SmartMedia cards were about twice what anyone could get on the Web. But if we ever want or need prints, they'd be happy to help as well, which would be good.

Threw together an enchelada cassarole for dinner, and did patchwork stuff until my hands ached, which might not have been wise.

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