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February 20, 1999
a year ago

List Day

Did tons of things on my List. Everything from washing the Passat to buying contacts, getting my bulletin from the church to watching Barb Wire. It was just a day for checking things off.

Got the Green Monster to a brake place and they bled the brakes off enough so that the Monster now stops. I started cuttings for the major plants I wanted to make sure would make it. I figure that if the Big Plants die, I'll have little ones that I'll bring with me that I can repot with. Made beds, cleaned up corners, and did the last of the pieces that came in the patchwork bag.

I got my bulletin from the church and met the new interim pastor, Con, and we went through what was going to happen Sunday morning. Then I went home, cut the quill so that it would work, read the Scripture passages, and sat down and wrote two different sharings with the quill. Then I read them in to the computer and it turned out to be short and very sweet.

Lunch was leftovers, dinner was cheesesteaks in really soft rolls that John got on one of his errands.

Washing the Passat was a break in tradition. I don't think we've actually washed any of the Land Rovers since we got them, though John pressure washed the '56 today as the trees had dropped lots of crud on it. I wanted the car clean, though as it wasn't a Rover, and it'd picked up the dust and mud of a few month's of running. I even used the Turtle Wax Wash 'N' Wax stuff that did actually leave enough wax that it coated and protected the finish. One thing I noticed while washing it was that the finish was pitted and nicked enough to not be smooth all over anymore. Another thing I no longer have to worry about. Kinda cool.

We watched Barb Wire in the evening as John had caught a glimpse of it, and, indeed, it was comic book brought to life. I loved the fact that while she looked very model-like, she *moved* like a fighter. Something they've *never* managed to do with the Nikita of the TV show and which makes me cringe whenever I accidentally flip to it. Someone taught her enough for her to *move* right, which impressed me.

Dreamed wild dreams of impossible missions that night.

And then one dream of a war-time army chaplain. That was the interesting one.

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