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February 21, 1999
a year ago

Valentine's Day (Observed)

Did Deaconing. Got Con settled in happily, he seemed to do quite well. That was good. Spent the afternoon doing more patchwork, a bit more writing, and then garbage dumping as John and his dad were doing all the outside work and then went to the dump along with the recycling place. That was good.

My hands hurt, though. I should have stopped when the left one started shaking, but I had Things To Do. Stupid.

I lost the Pelikan demonstrator to someone willing to pay more than Battersea was offering them for. That was okay by me, on the most part.

Then, before John got cleaned up, he asked me where I wanted to go for dinner and named a mid-line, okay Italian restaurant that I kinda automatically said okay to, until he was in the shower. Then I thought, I have only six weeks left in Seattle, and next weekend we're flying to Boulder for the inspection on the new house and Xilinx's Founders' Day party so, effectively, it's only five. And I have a ton of my favorite restaurants in Seattle that I have to try again before I leave.

So, I tackled John as he got out of the shower and said that we really should go to the Third Floor Fish Cafe, and he made reservations immediately and they weren't particular busy. So that was good.

We dressed up. I put on the blue velvet gown, John dressed nicely. I stuffed my feet into my high heels and off we went. When we arrived, they were lovely and gracious and found us a seat at the window, which over looks Lake Washington and the tips of the Seattle city line. Since the restaurant is on the third floor, it gets a tremendous view of the water and far mountains.

The special of the day was seared Maine scallops in a truffle sauce, which I got. John got the usual scallops in a blood orange based sauce, both with risotto bases. I also ordered a foie gras appetizer with caramelized mangos, and John ordered the house grilled salad. The foie gras was marvelous, that beautiful melt-in-the-mouth richness complemented beautifully by the buttery soft mangos with a nicely caramelized crunch. The scallops were East Coast briny and mellow and rich with the truffle infusion. Rich and sweet. John's prep of the scallops was bright and citrus, quite the contrast, but just as delicious.

By the time desserts were shown, I was pretty full, but they had a Valhrona Extra Bittersweet Chocolate pudding with creme frese and shortbread cookies, so John and I shared one pot of the rich, dense pudding. I also ordered a dry cappuccino from the waitress, who was smart enough to say that she'd never heard of one before, so asked how it was made. So I told her and she did it perfectly. I got a lovely mouthful of foam with a trickle of pure espresso shot underneath. That was a beautiful, rich compliment to the creaminess of the pudding.

Definitely a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day together.

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