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February 22, 1999
a year ago

The Dog's Too Smart

Remember when I said that I put that mop handle between the legs of the chairs to keep Fezzik off the new carpet? And that unless he learned how to pull the chairs rather than just push 'em, he'd be contained okay? Well, he learned how to pull the chairs. He is just way, way too smart. He just started pawing at the chairs, pulling at the seats and the rungs with his front paw and sure enough, the chair started to swing towards him and he managed to get it moved enough to get through.

Luckily, he didn't do it until he was dry and not muddy, so all he did was leave a bit of loose fur on the carpet. Not a big deal.

Work ate the day, today. Talking with marketing about what's next, where the road map is and what we're going to do. It's good to talk, and it was good to present the customer data and have it be understood and utilized, and they were just really glad to have it, too. That was cool. We'll likely do more.

Of course, we didn't get anything done all day, and finally, when the meetings were over, both John and I went into our offices and did Stuff for the day that had to get done, and by the time we were done, it was about 7:30, so we got some groceries and I was tired and half dizzy, but we got home okay and made dinner and ate and after the walk with Fezzik in the light of the half moon we just went to sleep.

My hands are better. That's the one great thing about meetings, little to no usage of my hands, as there's so little decided that there is nearly nothing for me to write down.

Sadly, though, I've gotten caught up in another ebay auction on another of the transparent Pelikans. I'm a bit dubious of this one, though, so I don't think I'm going to follow through if the guy has a reserve that's greater than my minimum. Especially since he's in Italy and he's requiring that someone actually wire the money to him rather than accepting a check or something else.

Slept really deep, had really cool dreams... but forgot them on all on waking up and thinking about stuff for work. Drat.

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