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January 16, 2000
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Romps and Writing

Surprisingly I didn't have too much trouble getting up in the morning. My eyes didn't like getting the contact lenses in them, but everything else worked okay. I even had enough time to put Albertson's Nutty Nuggets into my yogurt before eating at all, and well before we actually had to leave. I don't deny that I am tired, but it was well worth the tiredness to actually finish the book and even re-read the parts that caught at my heart.

We had a full pack upon the Mesa today. Five dogs, seven people, and at the beginning it was a complete tangle of leashes as we were waiting for Sundance to show up with his people. This time we took Fezzik past the fork to the left, had the fast dogs get unleashed first, so he had someone to chase in the correct direction. He took off in the right direction in the walk went as usual, though he was in better shape and lasted for far longer down the walk than before. He had actually gotten up fairly early this morning and whimpered at our door until John let him out, hopefully he will run himself out and be quieter tomorrow morning.

I wore my new coat, and when Boris shook himself right next to me, the water beaded on the surface of the coat and I could just shake it off. That was very nice indeed.

All the dogs were very well-behaved today, which was a very good thing, and they all stayed together in a fairly tight pack. They greeted all the other dogs that came by the other way, but, on the most part, they left the dogs when their owners called. There was one pair of whippets that started to race large circles around the entire group of humans, with the samoyeds chasing them. I'm very used to the two young samoyeds being the fastest dogs in our group, but the whippets out raced them completely and it was an amazing sight to watch just how agile and fast those slender dogs could be. They seem so ugly when they are still, but they are just gorgeous in motion, astonishing in their speed. Altogether it was a very good day, as the wind wasn't blowing, the sun was shining through thin cloud cover, and most of the ice was thawed, so Fezzik got to get a couple good soaks in and the ice was thin over his usual end-of-the-day soak at the very end of the walk.

On the way home we stopped by Safeway to get more chicken wings, because I wanted to marinade them overnight for tomorrow. We also got a few other things so that John could make taco salad for tonight. We had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, I put half of the remaining onions in the garage in a leg from a cut up pair of pantyhose. The other half I cooked down to the caramelized state for and soup, and just froze the concentrate to be thawed and simmered at some future time. That should make for a quick five-minute meal some evening when I don't want to cook.

I also made an entire batch of caramel corn to munch. I really like the Orville Reddenbocker caramel corn, after Kathy hooked me on the stuff many years ago.

While I watched more football I started reading The Beekeeper's Apprentice, which is a book that Kathy actually recommended almost a year ago, maybe more. It was one of the books that I bought with my gift certificate, and I really enjoyed the beginning sections. I had, however, promised Geoff that I would write him something about my impression of deserts after having lived in them for good portion of my life. So I didn't actually finished that book. Surprise! I actually did sit down with my notebook and wrote out what I wanted to write, and after John made dinner I went upstairs to dictate it and the journal entries for the last few days.

I think I actually like writing a little each day rather than trying to lump it altogether and forgetting which thing happened on what day.

The taco salad was really good. John was doing some extra experimentation with the seasoning, including green chilies, a dash of his own hot sauce, along with the regular taco seasoning. I think some of my experimentation is rubbing off, which is a very good thing when I get to eat the results. In this case it was extra spicy, and had a really good amount of flavor in addition to the regular base. I've really been enjoying all the extra baking and cooking he has been doing in the last few weeks, it has really helped free up some of my brain time for other things. I do love cooking, but not all the time and not at all energy levels.

I really should get to sleep not too late, given how little I slept last night and what work we have to do tomorrow. So... good night.

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