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January 23, 2000
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I first woke up around 7. John's parents were moving around, and there was a light on in the kitchen. We didn't have to get up that early, as folks weren't arriving until 10 a.m.. I went back to sleep. Much later I got up, put myself together, and wandered out into the sunshine in the kitchen. There was the scent of coffee and there was the sound of Walt, Cathie, John, George and Isabel all catching up with each other. Walt and Cathie were also staying in the house, and we'd caught a glimpse of them last night. I mutely got a mug of coffee, pieces of the Seattle Times and listen to the conversations as I read the Sunday paper. I shouldn't have been surprised but it was a pleasant shock to be plugged back into the newness and heartbeat of the Pacific Rim, where the plight of the Fugianese in New York is as important as Microsoft's latest moves.

Chen Kaige's The Emperor and the Assassin shared front pages of sections with the Virgin Islands and a bunch of British housewives baring all for leukemia research. The range and diversity of the paper was far greater than that of the Denver Times. I miss that.

David arrived a while later and breakfast was served. The Rostyki always amaze me with their warmth and total support for each other. The meal was marvelous and the banter fun, and conversation ranged everywhere from biochemistry to career choices from the situations of local friends to plans for the week. The relationships here are so pleasant and solid at the base it was very good to common touch base with the reality of that fact.

Cathie and Walt had to leave just after noon and David left for an appointment up north. John and I went off to do what we needed to do locally. The quick stop at Victor's and then a longer stop at Bernard C.'s to get Bob a 50 piece gift box for his birthday and stock up on my supplies of chocolate for the next month. They also had their chocolate covered cherries and we had to get a box for ourselves.

We then headed for Bothell. I'd said we'd visit Regis if we had a chance, and while I hadn't been able to reach her earlier in the day I hoped to see her and her new house. When we pulled up her truck was in the driveway and when I looked in the house she waved out at us. Turns out that when we called she was sick, and hadn't wanted to get out of bed to answer the phone. A friend of hers was there making garlic soup for her, and turned out to be the Katherine who sent me the very useful and good biscuit and gravy recipes! Wow, it really is a small electronic world.

Poor Regis had the Martian Death Flu. Seattle has been hit hard with the flu this year, and she was in the second day of it. Yesterday, however, she'd gone to Canada with friends on a day trip that included a trip to Lush, which is the ultimate bath and sensual's store. She ended up giving me some chocolate mint bath bombs and something I consider a very keen concept. When giving a massage it is way too easy to spill oils or lotions, so they sell a solid massage bar, which melts on contact with body heat that is solid otherwise, so you can rub it on your hands or on skin and then said it on sheets without worrying about spills and move on to a scented massage. In this case she had an extra bar of chocolate mint for massage as well, so we stuck it in a Zip bag and put it in with the bath bombs. I think it is a very neat solution to an interesting problem.

I had fun hugging her, following her around on the tour of her house and catching up on how she has been doing. The Honda X-Wing caught her eye in a local motorcycle magazine, and she says I have to have one as "it's very Akira." I have to agree. The bike is sleek and gorgeous and very aerodynamic. It would be a very fine reason to take motorcycle safety classes and learn how to ride well. We left when Regis got tired and ended up with plenty of time to get to Yeh's Wok with John's parents. We would meet Bob, Mei, Barb, and Andrew there. Eight perfectly prepared Chinese dishes, three great Bob-stories, and plenty of good tea later I was looking at a fortune cookie fortune that read, "Share good fortune with friends as well as bad fortune." The dinner and the company of good friends was very good fortune indeed. The whole day has been quite the gift after the near-disaster of Friday.

We got home fairly early, and I sat in the kitchen with a mug of tea and wrote most of these journal entries by hand into my private journal. I know that once I get home I'll be able to read directly off of the pages into the dictation software. It probably does better with me reading then when I am composing things phrase by phrase, as most of the training that is set up is done by reading sections of text. Then again, I may have used this software often enough while thinking through entries that it may have been trained better for the piecemeal fitting together of phrases that I do than for reading entire passages. We'll see how this turns out.

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