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January 24, 2000
a year ago

Home Again

We didn't have to get up until latish today, and so I just hung out in bed until there was too much activity going on to really ignore. George was making whole-grain pancakes on his electric griddles and everyone else was sitting around the table reading the paper and talking and drinking juice. It was just quiet and fun and we just mostly sat and talked until it was time to leave for the Great Wall of China Mall and then on to the airport after grabbing lunch at the deli.

We had to make the time for the Chinese stop. I needed more of the little, packed pellets of pu-erh tea, they're nice, come paper wrapped and do a six ounce cup easily. I also bought a tin of jasmine pearls as I have gone through my stock at work and I like the tin. The shop was as fragrant and beautifully decorated as ever and I just grabbed what I wanted and didn't linger or else I'd buy other things as well. John's mom got to see a copy of the jade cup. That was pretty keen.

We then went into the 99 Market and went to the deli and we all got combos for lunch, though John's mom got the won ton soup and I had only a two item combo instead of the really hefty three-item I got last time. I still couldn't finish it all, but the Chinese broccoli and shitaki mushrooms were really good as was the crisp, brown sweet and sour ribs they served. I loved that. I should make that for us, someday. I really liked what Dad used to do and I have the recipe written down somewhere.

From there we went to the airport, got uneventfully put on a 777, though the stewardess was really nice and put us in a window and aisle seat instead of middle seats. That was good.

We didn't get back until 7, so we weren't home until about 8, and we stopped to pick up Fezzik on the way home. We arrived exhausted but pretty content. We'd done what we wanted to do and made it back home safely. Whew. It was very nice to be home again.

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