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January 30, 2000
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Mesa and Bowl

I managed to get up early, when Fezzik actually came up to wake us both up to get outside. His eye has been sagging since yesterday, his left eye is looking unhappy, but he might have just rubbed it wrong or something, as he seems fairly cheerful and ready to go to Marshall Mesa. I managed to get together ham, egg, and English muffin sandwiches for the both of us, and John called only to find that they were trying to leave early. So we bundled with three of us into Borax, and took off for the Mesa.

We actually got there before they did, and, this time, I brought along my digital camera. For the whole walk, I snapped pictures of the dogs whenever an however it caught my fancy. There running around as usual, and I had no idea how any of the pictures really were turning out, as most of them were on the run. The sunlight was also so bright, that the playback feature on the camera was nearly useless; however, my basic approach is to take as many as I can and weed them out later. I finished nearly 8 MB of pictures by the time we got to the end of the trail. A few hundred feet before the end of the trail, Fezzik was so tired he just sat down in the snow and wouldn't budge.

It was the first time that Matt was able to feed Fezzik treats, and have Fezzik more interested in the treat than in the other dogs. That was mildly funny, but only after Fezzik got up and was able to make it all the way down the hill. He worried me a little because of that, but he was happy and when he got into the truck his hind legs didn't collapse when John lifted the front half of his body up into the truck. The daytime recovery was also faster than before, so I think he's doing okay, if not better for all the exercise.

After we got back, John made taco salad from leftovers from last week while I took chicken wings apart, covered them in spice rub and then marinated them in John's hot sauce with a little vinegar to thin it and a little oil to make it stick to the wings. I let that marinated while we ate lunch and while I worked.

I spent a few hours on work, and finally ended up in a situation where every avenue I was pursuing was ending up in a GPF, a general protection fault, which is not a good thing. The problem was most of the faults were in code I had no control or knowledge of, so I had to just stop. There were two other avenues of interest that I needed to pursue, which I didn't think would run into the same roadblocks, so I have plenty for tomorrow. The problem was that my brain was burning out, so I stopped for the Super Bowl.

The game started, I cooked the wings, and John and I had fun watching the game and eating wings that were really spicy. I finally got them spicy enough to actually warm my mouth until it glowed. The game, surprisingly, turned out to be as spicy and interesting as the wings. So many Super Bowls turned out to be terribly boring, but this one was actually interesting all the way to the end of the game. And the Titans missed overtime by a bare yard. That would have been fun. Anyway, it was fun to watch all the way through.

We didn't really worry about dinner after that. I just blended up some fruit and yogurt and juice and brought that up with me to the computer room, where I played some Angband and wrote the rest of the entries for last week as well as a letter to Geoff. I also went through all the pictures I took this morning, and a surprising number turned out very good, particularly some of the shots of Boris and Fordin. There is one excellent picture of the two of them galloping across the ice, and Boris' paws are all off the ground so it is obvious that he is running at full speed. I put the pictures of the samoyeds on two floppies and gave them to John to give to Debbie tomorrow, because I was going to work at home. By the time I went back downstairs, it was fairly late, so I heated milk and added some of the chocolate liquor and had a semi-alcoholic cocoa before going to sleep. That was actually very nice.

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