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January 31, 2000
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Way Too Busy Day

A very interesting day today, somewhat in the sense of the old Chinese curse.

John went off to work, I stayed home and went upstairs with my radio, my breakfast, and eventually Fezzik. Work actually went fairly well, without any of the interruptions I was actually able to unravel the worst of several problems. Tracking all the different layers of interaction is much more straightforward when one doesn't get interrupted every 10 minutes. I was also able to recreate a problem, and figure out the extent of the damage.

As usual, when the sun moved overhead, the radio came on. I really like that trick, and really enjoy National Public Radio's classical music selections. Without any voices or words, my attention isn't broken, but the sounds are soothing enough to keep me relaxed about problems when they do crop up. I have noticed a tendency, when I'm listening to grunge or technopop, towards aggression towards problems. Sometimes that is necessary, but sometimes it's annoying.

One quote I wanted to preserve, though I didn't hear the attribution was, "Silent love sounds the same as indifference." That, in a nutshell, is how I felt about the end of things with Mark.

At lunchtime, Fezzik's eye wasn't getting any better, so I called John and we talked over what could be done. I had my massage appointment this evening, and he had a business dinner he had to be at until not too late. I called the Lafayette All-Pets clinic, and they only had appointments through to 6 p.m., and nothing earlier than 5:30. The Boulder All-Pets clinic was open 24 hours, and had an opening around 8:20, so I took that one, called Lafayette back to cancel. So, in the end, that worked out, because I could get there after my massage appointment and John could meet me there.

I wandered through many bits of code in the afternoon, and ended up late, by five minutes, to my massage appointment because of One More Thing. CeLena didn't seem to mind, and I told her that I was having problems with my shoulders, back, and the usual butt muscle problems. It turns out that most of those muscles I used to support the lower back and some of them are under compression when I'm sitting; and since most of my work involves being seated in front of a computer, it's no wonder that part of me hurts.

I hadn't, however, realized just how much I was hurting.

It has been months since there was so much tension to work out from my muscles. Even the warmup hurt. The warmup usually consists of her trying to just move large masses of muscles against tension. It is just an exercise to get the large muscle masses to relax a little. The problem once, however, that even that much motion was causing pain. Mostly, this meant that I was holding a very large number of muscles taut. This is an excellent indicator of stress. Given the workload of the last few weeks, I could see why, and it is somewhat distressing to realize that it can come back. Because this is how I started, the stress and the muscle tensions were large when I was trying to hit that deadline of a few months ago. I have a feeling that this has been going on for a few years, but I am only now noticing because of the regular feedback of these massages. I am actually figuring out what my body is trying to tell me.

So the good news is that I am figuring out. The bad news is that the massage hurt like hell, but I think she unknotted a large amount of cramped and uncomfortable muscle. Also, with the extra attention, my wrists are functional.

So, still floating a little on endorphins, I went home and microwaved an instant dinner of two White Castle cheese burgers and a cup of tomato soup. I gulped down that dinner, loaded Fezzik into the back of the Passat, and then drove carefully to All-Pets. He doesn't really have much to lean on back there, so I have to be really careful about stopping. The good thing was that since John was meeting us there, Fezzik would have a safer ride home. We both got there a few minutes before the appointment, both of us turning onto South Boulder Road at about the same moment.

The veterinarian was very reassuring. Fezzik didn't have a temperature, and he ruled out things like strokes from general behavior and abrasions by using the same fluorescent drops the doctor had used in John's eye when John had scratched his lens. We went home with antibiotic drops for Fezzik's eye, and the recommendation that we make another appointment if his eye didn't clear up in another three or four days. So there is more recourse.

By the time I got home I was exhausted, and badly in need of a salt soak, so I took the time to make a warm bath with plenty of salt and just lay in it, trying not to fall asleep. When I got out, I just went to bed and went to sleep.

One fairly funny thing is that we ran out of dental floss awhile back, and were using samples from the dentist until yesterday, when we went to Safeway we bought two kinds of floss. We've always used unwaxed floss, mostly because the wax stuff always feels funny and doesn't seem to clean as well under the gum line. John got a package of the unwaxed, but it was Safeway brand rather than Johnson & Johnson. One of the offerings on the peg board was a grape flavored woven floss for kids, and I just had to get it. It actually works as well and the floss that I enjoy using, and it has this incredibly sweet grape taste along with the obligatory purple color. I can't imagine the taste coming from anything other than artificial sweetener, and it bothers me mildly. There is, however, part of me that really enjoys the fact that I am using grape dental floss.

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