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January 4, 2001
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Progress On All Fronts

Another busy and productive day, which was really nice to have after the last few weeks. Lots of interesting dreams, which are making me want to write a few out for my dreams page again. It's been years since I put something specific there, and I probably should put the one about Fezzik rescuing the girl dog on that page, too.

I managed to get the new fixes really tested, merged into the present stream, and rebuilt for more extensive testing before my massage appointment. With all the aches and pains I've been accumulating these last days, it was really, really good to have Michele work me over. She said that I just melted when she was working on me. The Fish woke up for the belly massage and happily fluttered the whole time she was rubbing the belly. She laughed and said that she was really looking forward to the first appointment after he was born, wanted to see what he'd be like in the world. Right shoulder and arm and hand, left hip joint and all the supporting musculature around it were all completely discombobulated. Ugh. By the time she was done none of it hurt anymore, but it was all loose and floaty. It was very interesting to be very aware of the fact that my cartilage is coming loose all over.

The same hormones that are loosening things up to make the delivery easier are loosening cartilage and increasing mucus membranes all over my body. It's one of the reasons I'm snoring a lot more now. It's really odd, though to realize that just lying on my side makes it so that I can roll up to a sitting position, have someone loosely clasp my knees and I can actually push my pelvis back into alignment, now. I can feel the joints moving more smoothly back into place, and how much better seated they are afterwards. Aie.

The guys at work were talking about how there was this lady that didn't know she was pregnant and actually gave birth in an emergency room while denying she was pregnant. Talk about inconceivable. <grin> It seems impossible that someone would deny their body so much, that all the signs and portents and protestations of a body with that kind of load could be completely ignored... Then again, I do know that I'm far more in touch with my body than most people. Still, it seems so weird to think about.

Kathy passed a gem onto me. It's an NPR Fresh Air interview of Ang Lee and Michelle Yeoh. Yummy stuff.

I even planned my lunch carefully again today. I brought along four of the curry pies and a large spinach salad. Really, really nice lunch. Delicious, proteinful and green leafy thingful. I had one too many curry pies, so I gave Cary one and he said that the crust was just like his wife's empanadas! I'm used to empanadas being deep fried, and mostly avoided them because of that, but with this crust, which was flaky and crisp, it could work really well with the spicy-sweet filling! So I'll have to try that sometime.

The afternoon went smoothly. The testing did what I wanted it to, and so I checked everything in, in plenty of time for our group deadline of 'before Monday morning'.

We had a developers' meeting and during it Bill passed out the GUI group jackets for everyone. They're very nice letterman's jackets with a nice Xilinx patch and on the sleeve is embroidered "We design the face of Xilinx!" I thought that was very keen. It doesn't close over my belly, but should be a perfect fit when I actually deliver. That seems so far away, in some sense. It seems mildly incredible, now, that I'd ever go back to the shape I once was in.

During the latter part of the afternoon, though, I got to see an example of how possible it was. Bill had locked his keys in his car, so his wife came with their little more than two weeks old baby girl. She was sleeping very peacefully in her carrier, quiet and content. Bill's wife happily showed me her flat tummy and reassured me that there would be a time soon now. That was very nice.

John also got a one line email from one of his brothers saying that the kids had been picked up and the mother had been arrested by the FBI. There was talk of her being out on bail, but the kids were in good custody. We'd heard that the counselor that specialized in these kinds of abductions had been hired much earlier and we knew that he'd be working with the kids to minimize the trauma, but we didn't really have any news of exactly what had happened. Just that the flyer hadn't been allowed to trigger a leaving and losing the kids again.

So there was still some uncertainty as we went home, but, in general, things looked pretty good.

I was starving by the time we headed home. Tuesdays and Thursdays John has the late meeting, and this time I was just really tired and hungry. I sometimes think that the second trimester is to fool both Mom and Dad into thinking 'hey, this isn't so bad...' and then wham comes the third trimester and it's back to sleeping a lot, eating carefully and differently, and having to adjust again to even more physical change. I was really depressed hungry and wanted refried beans. When I talked it over with John, it sounded like he wanted something more substantial with it, so I proposed chicken and maybe making something like chicken enchiladas or burritos or something. Safeway was having a really awesome sale on leg quarters, twenty nine cents a pound. So we bought some of those; but by the time we got home, I was so hungry and sad, we skipped on the chicken completely.

John was good and talked me through it all. We had refried beans with cheese on top that was all broiled until it bubbled. John also made quesadillas, crisp and hot and not too much cheese, and he got out the ripest tomatoes and we just ate straight tomatoes with our meal. The food made me much, much happier.

There was still the Valu-Pac of chicken to take care of, but once fed I was able to think a bit and I looked through Bittman's How to Cook Everything for roasting chicken parts. So I made some compound garlic and sundried tomato butter, and roasted the chicken parts in a really hot oven. The oven was so hot, though, that the smoke alarms went off halfway through the cooking period. Oops. I turned it down, ran the fans and the air filter did a lot of clearing as well. John turned off the fire alarms until things cleared out a little.

The chicken turned out utterly gorgeous. It smelled really good, and I packed it away into the fridge to be used on another busy evening.

I played a little Final Fantasy VII after dinner. I think my hands are going to swell no matter what I do, so I may as well do something fun, too.

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