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January 5, 2001
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I was very, very thankful that today was Friday.

The whole group had done some significant things this last week. We'd gotten things done and most everyone was coasting in to get everything landed for the build next week. John and I took the extra time to actually go to a Starbuck's this morning as we wanted a small treat for the week. I got the caramel macchiato, decaf, without the vanilla. For some reason I'd never known that there as an extra shot of vanilla in the drink, and when I discovered it and had them pull it out it was an actual delight to be able to taste the espresso again without the sugar to overwhelm it. The caramel was very nice and creamy rich. While we were waiting for our drinks, I noticed, once again, the Yixing pots on their clearance shelves.

I'd seen the Yixing pots there before, months earlier. They were good quality pots, going for more than fifty dollars to start, marked down, the last time, to the forty dollar range, which was decent but not remarkable. Then they'd gone down to the thirty dollar range, but I could get one hand-crafted from someone Singer knew for twenty-five, so I wasn't all that excited then, either. This time, however, the pots had been marked down to nineteen dollars. Ooo. Sometimes it's really good to know the value of something really, really obscure. I had John buy me the pot and I said that I'd give it to Bob if he didn't already have one. Otherwise, I might just bring it into work to use. If I toss the first pot of tea, I'll have tossed nearly all the caffeine and that'll be good enough.

It was a very nice little pot, too.

We had eight people at the Dumpling House for lunch. It was nearly 60 out today, so warm a jacket wasn't even really necessary. But four of us had our GUI jackets on, all at the same time and I got to giggle a lot as we all rode in the same car. It is kind of run wearing the jacket even if my tummy sticks out. Makes it easier for someone to broach the subject if they didn't know I was pregnant. Makes it pretty obvious that I don't intend to stay this shape forever.

Turns out that Bob had a Yixing pot already, the only thing was that he didn't really know what to do with it after having it. The pot I bought had a beautiful little color pamphlet about how to cure and open up a new pot. Jon Singer's instructions on how to take care of and use a Yixing pot for gong-fu tea are far more extensive; but the little pamphlet had a very good quick explanation of the right ideas. It made me very aware that I haven't actually done this to most of my pots, though my white tea pot and my pu-erh pot have been through enough steepings, they might already have been opened just from use. Still, I put that down as something I wanted to accomplish soon. I'd have to process this pot eventually. I gave Bob the pamphlet, so he'd know what to do, as it had both the opening of the pores and how to actually brew tea in the pot in pictures.

Around 4 Cary broke out the guiness and we all had beers (I had root beer) and just sat around and talked. We'd all finished the things we had to for Tuesday morning's build, so it was good to relax a little. Pretty much everyone's been pulling insane hours, lately. So it was nice to relax a little.

Home again, home again.

I deboned chicken and chopped onion and garlic and made chicken enchiladas with flour tortillas. It comes out a very different texture than 'real' enchiladas, but I sometimes like the softness that the flour tortillas add to the casserole-style food. Lots of good cheddar helped as well. I played FF VII while it baked, and got thoroughly engrossed in getting Yuffie the Materia Hunter and all the things she could do. Lots to do there. I got completely creamed a few times, and dead a few times more. John rescued our dinner, and patiently helped me out until I was dead a few times more. So I stopped and we ate.

After dinner, John rode the bike and I watched and recorded the new Iron Chef episode in the last hour slot I had on the 24-hour marathon tapes. It was the Sushi battle, surprisingly it was the first sushi battle they'd ever had, given that they're so very much the epitome of Japanese cuisine. It was a very, very interesting battle.

I wonder if the spices plus all the fighting plus competition all stirred things up, but I didn't sleep very well.

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