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January 3, 2001
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Small Steps Up

With all the things that were failing yesterday, I tried my best to deal with the things that I could deal with and figure out something to relieve at least some of the symptoms to help with the whole. A far better thing than just sitting around and being miserable.

Breakfast was varied and filling. The habitual grapefruit along with donuts (John had bought a bunch of the chocolate covered devil's food donuts on our last trip to Safeway), the last of the pumpkin pie (which was better to eat than let get stale), a big glass of milk and then I heated up almond milk and the Republic of Tea's Matte Latte. It made for a much smoother start to the day.

The later meeting helped as well. And the engineering staff meeting for our project has always been useful and fun. So it made for a much better emotional start as folks were figuring out how to get past road blocks of various sorts. Things that have been frustrating folks for the last few weeks and had really hit the general morale of the group. So it made things much better in that sense.

Lunch was an entire chicken pot pie. I couldn't finish it all, but it really did a good job of filling me up and making me comfortable and not hungry and much less grumpy later in the afternoon and evening. I also took the time to spend some time with the Horde and Cera around lunch time, so that I would have the conversation time and some contact again. Swollen hands or no, it's really important to me to have some on-line contact. Another good thing to recognize.

Something that surprised me, though, was finding out from Trip and from Al that a mail out flyer with an Advil ad on one side and my niece Emily and her mother Jeanette on the other had come to all their mailboxes. More than a year ago, Jeanette had kidnapped my niece and nephew, after her attempts at trumping up false charges against their father had failed in the courts there. She'd taken massive advantage of the sympathy that mothers get in the whole law system and gotten David falsely arrested several times; but in court he'd proven his innocence repeatedly and patiently. When her half-custody of the children was threatened by her actions, she just up and left with her boyfriend. Thing is that just before Christmas, they'd traced them all to a particular place in Northern California. I hadn't written anything about it here as I didn't want any of that progress trackable in a public forum. The flyers, however, worried me, as they might trigger her running again.

What timing. Even a month ago, finding out that the flyers had gotten out would have been a cool thing, and might have generated keen leads. Now they were a problem.

Work was mildly distracting, so I kept at it. Something to spend the time on and let the waiting wait. I dug pretty deep, found a very peculiar problem in a peculiar piece of code and when I was talking it over with John, he said, "Why don't you change this to do the right thing?" I blinked. I'd been thinking I had to trace it to the origin of how things had gotten into this state. Not realized that this state really was the problem. So after a week of chasing my tail I'd finally found the root problem. A few tests later and I found that he was right. I could just change it right here and it would work.

So I got a significant step done in the things that have frustrated me for two or even three weeks. Yay!

To celebrate, John and I decided to leave early. First to get a good dinner out and then to go to the Cheese Importers in Longmont again, as we had no good Stilton anymore and had run out of parmesan, and I needed it for spaghetti and a lot of our everyday cooking and eating. We went to Sakura and had Japanese food, and I enjoyed it thoroughly this time. I managed to really think it through and not order the saltiest thing on the menu. I got one order of the cooked unagi, one salmon skin handroll (again cooked sushi), and an order of the vegetable tempura, the whole meal as I wanted the salad and soup and some of the rice. I should probably have just gotten the tempura and had my vegetables that way, as it turned out to be well more than I could eat. It was all very good, though. The unagi was tender and sweet. The salmon skin was crisp and perfect. The tempura was delicately breaded and had all kinds of good vegetables. Yum. John really enjoyed his shrimp and chicken and vegetable tempura as well.

John had called the cheese shop over the weekend and found out that the message said that they were open until 9 pm on the weekdays. So we weren't in any big hurry to get there. When we did get there, it was dark and closed and the sign on the door said that it had closed at 6! Drat. So their phone message was simply out of date. Still, we were very happily full, and not too sad about having taken the time to eat dinner.

Remembering my heartburn of the previous night, I took Tums for dessert when I got home. I also remembered that there might be a bit of hazelnut gelato in the freezer, and there was about three tablespoons of it left in the bottom of the carton. Perfect. I happily ate that. The Haagen Daz hazelnut gelato is like an ice cream craving condensed. A few spoons is enough to knock out any ice cream craving I've ever had, and it's lower fat than most premium ice creams! Just really rich in flavor.

The Tums really helped. Since the beginning of the year, I've been doing better keeping of my dreams journal, and I can tell when I sleep better because I actually dream. Simple dreams or complex and intricate, when I don't have anything at all, it's likely 'cause I didn't get to REM in the two hours between bathroom breaks. But with all the breaks, I have plenty of opportunity to remember and write down my in-between dreams, now. So I nearly have had entries for every day since I started trying again.

That's pretty cool.

Looks like most of the small things added up to something just that much better by the end of the day. I was pretty glad of that.

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