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January 12, 2001
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Large Coffee and New Site

We were up kind of late, because neither of us had meetings. I then went in and wrote up stuff I'd been thinking about for a week, so far as a possible path for a certain design. I had to write it down to ask the people that would be using it what would make the most sense. So I sent that out. Sometimes I think that thinking jobs are kind of weird. To just sit and think for a long time and the only thing that comes out of a week's worth of research and thinking is a half an hour's worth of writing.

Had to be done, though.

The break room has a new coffee maker. It's a very large coffee maker, with two thermos holders, one for caffeinated, the other decaf. The original instructions said to use fifteen 'scoops' per brew cycle. Turns out that that was actually fifteen one ounce measures, which, obviously, is fifteen ounces. That can equate to nearly two cups or one of the fifteen ounce purple Xilinx mugs everyone has, which is infinitely easier than using fifteen tiny scoops of ground coffee. I had fun figuring that out and writing it on the white board so that people could actually brew a decent pot of coffee in a decent amount of time. I love doing that.

It was pretty funny, though, realizing that I was much more into that than into work.

John then called me, when I got back to my desk and asked if I wanted to talk with HR about my leave of absence. I said sure! And rumbled on down to talk with Kelly and Claire about what to do, what to expect, and what was possible. Turns out that maternity leave is, essentially, short term disability. They actually pay 70% of ones salary during the first ninety days of the leave, and I get to make up the last thirty days any way I want to. It's 120 days all together, and I get my job back when I come back or an equivalent job. Guaranteed. Nice. I had been assuming that once I went on leave, I wouldn't get paid at all, and John and I were pretty much set for me not getting paid for three months of the four I'd been thinking of taking. This was much, much better than that.

Another nice thing was that while I was on leave, I could do certain things with my medical coverage and when I come back I can actually swap things around again. That's very useful, especially with the flexible health care and flexible dependent care spending plans. We'll get to figure out what it is that we want to do about baby care before we have to figure out how to pay for it. That's very useful indeed.

Lunch was free. Okay, there was a mild catch, but that was that we needed to get tickets for the Founder Day's Party, which is being held the day before I'm due. It's going to be interesting to see how that all plays out. But five dollar tickets to what is a usually pretty posh company party is pretty good, and we got a free lunch of sandwiches and cookies and pop. John and I both bought ourselves some chips as well and we all ate outside on the patio, in the sunshine. It was nice and warm out, nearly 60, and in the full out sunshine it was just so nice to bask in it.

We left work early to go on a tour of the new site and the new building. It's very impressive, will have a full cafeteria. The grounds and building itself will be really beautiful, and it's clearly an incentive for me to go back to work. Definitely a good place to work. We walked all around the ground, all through the new building with all its lovely amenities and then wandered through the Retreat House, which is the on-site building for large gatherings and group retreats and all day retreats that won't cost the company the hotel cost and extra time away from being, at least, in contact with work. The smaller building is this gorgeous construction of wood, cedar and huge beams. Amusingly enough it reminded me of our old house in Redmond, with the open wood beams, the chalet style roof structures, and windows out onto mountains and trees and there will be water.

Since we were in Longmont, John and I went to Delicioso's for dinner. I wanted to try something other than the pork tacos, as I'd had them the last several times. So I tried an egg, potato, and chorizo chimichanga with a side of refried beans and guacamole. It was spicy, really spicy and tasty and I could only eat half of it before it made me sweat, the Fish start to kick me in the ribs, and got my nose to run, too. That's spicy. It also wasn't even close to the heat of what John got, though. So I was pretty glad I didn't get what he got.

Went home to drink some Bengal Spice tea to just clear out my palate. When I got home, I found that I'd hit a million steps with my little yellow, old Pikachu! Hoorah! The second time around, and now I also had the new GS pikachu with color that Kathy gave me. I was mildly uncertain about using it, as Kathy had decided not to because the steps can't be reset by the person who has it, and I really liked knowing my step count for a particular day. Still, I thought I'd at least try it for a week to see if I could adapt to the new thing. The acey duecy game isn't nearly as rewarding as the slot machine was, there isn't a way to get 500 watts in a single action. The only way to get that in a single bet is to win a whole lot of games in a row, and it's still a game of chance.

Still amuses me that a kid's toy has gambling in it.

I also sat down and entered all the addresses in my Franklin-Covey planner into my Visor. Not that many of them, and now I actually could go without my planner, at all. It's a lot easier to carry the Visor around.

Hands are still a mess, but I seem to be able to ignore them for a while. Body feels nauseated a lot, and that may just be a given, with the baby taking up most of the room in my guts, now. Not much room for digestion. The walking on the building site was good exercise, and I had plenty of steps for the day, so that was good, all in all. Even if it doesn't make me feel totally better, it's better than without the exercise at all. Sleeping was a bit easier, and the splints are definitely better with the stockings as insulation.

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