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January 13, 2001
two years ago
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Rubber Baby Buggy Tires and Baby Shower

When I woke up, it took a while. I didn't have to get up this morning, and I really, truly, didn't want to, of course, just like last week, the thing that finally got me out of bed and into the shower was hunger. I was hungry, again. I also really, truly, wanted coffee cake, so even before I jumped into the shower, I asked John to make coffee cake. Told him about three different recipes and he blinked mildly and asked me which one of them I wanted him to make. I had no special bias, but thought it would be cool to use the recipe in the Blue Plate Special cookbook from the diners. So he happily went to do that while I went and basked in the spray of hot water from the shower.

Loads of hot water over the head seem to be pretty good at curing a lot of a spirit's ills.

I couldn't feel the top segment of my middle finger on my right hand. Or the top of my index finger, either. It's worrisome, but I have no clue what to do about it other than wearing the splints at night and just not doing anything when I can get away with it.

The coffee cake turned out exactly what I wanted. John says that it's called coffee cake 'cause then your coffee doesn't need any sugar. I would agree, except that I don't have that much coffee. I made myself some tea, instead, and it didn't need much sugar either. Of course, I ate my grapefruit first, so it wouldn't be horribly sour after all the sweet. The grapefruit was juicy, tart and squirted me while I ate it. The coffee cake was really, really yummy, spicy and rich and deeply sweet. The toasted crunch of pecans in the crust was really extra nice.

Costco had called to say that the tires for the Baby Buggy were in. Forecasts for last night and today had, originally, said 3-6 inches of snow. There wasn't a speck of snow outside, but it never hurts to get prepared, so off we went to get the tires changed. The old ones were too big for the truck and had worn badly in the wrong way, so weren't good to drive on for very long. The sooner we could get good tires on the truck the better, so when we arrived and the tire salesman said that in a week they'd give us a $50 gift certificate when we bought the tires we sadly said that we really should get them changed now. Michelins. Just like in the commercials, we'll be trusting the baby to them.

While they changed out the tires, we shopped. I mostly got beef, both ground and flank steak, as we'd used both kinds all up and Costco had nice big packs of the stuff for not too much money. Since we were both pretty full from breakfast still, we didn't buy too much other food, though it was nice to graze among all the sample tables. None of it hit me as being particularly wonderful, though. The one thing that caught my attention, however, was a huge rotisserie filled with whole chickens and racks of pork ribs. BBQ ribs. Yum. I picked up a tray of those for lunch and later. It was still hot and smelled wonderful.

When we did get back out to the truck, they were putting the finishing touches on the tires. I was tired, so I sat down and while I played with the new pikachu for a little bit, John talked with them, put the stuff we bought into the truck and then came to pick me up from the curb I was sitting on. Everything is more tired, now. I'm just feeling pretty run down all the time, and it's getting to me more day by day. When we got home, we ate some lunch. John heated up the ribs a bit more and microwaved some macaroni and cheese and even though I wasn't hungry, I knew that I really should eat something. So I ate.

John fell asleep on the couch, so I brushed my teeth, pulled my eyes, and went to sleep in the bed with the door closed. Naps are good, usually, when one isn't feeling too well. Sadly, in my case, the nap just made me feel even more lethargic, I got up and kind of zombied around until I peered at my Visor and decided to try and put an ebook on it. Baen Books is giving away free electronic copies of various SF books as promotional stuff and a way to sell other books. They also have a monthly subscription service that has the books for, on average, two dollars a book, for some of the books they publish in installments. That looks fascinating if I can actually read a book on my PDA. So I downloaded one of the David Drake books, because I already have a few of his Hammer's Slammers series, and then downloaded the reader. I installed both into my Visor and voila! I had a book in my Visor!

Pretty cool.

Accomplishing that little bit helped a lot. I read a bit of it, and found the smaller line format to be a little disconcerting at first and then found that it got very quick to read. I happily ready while I got ready for the Baby Shower that Jenny and Debbie were throwing for us. John had done the laundry while I slept, so I actually had clean clothes. I picked through stuff and chortled a little at a long sleeved, purple shirt given to us by Pear, a company that does office furniture. The shirt has a yellow pear logo on the chest and it fit my mood. I am pear-like and it seemed pretty funny to advertise it. So I put on a pair of green leggings and my purple shirt and looked cheerfully pear-like and was ready for the party.

I was amazed.

Debbie's house is now really, really nice. We'd seen it first when they'd first bought it, twenty some odd years old, with cat pee in all the corners and enough cat dander to make me sneezed like crazy just walking through the house. The backyard had been gorgeous, but the interior of the house had been done in 70's darks with dark wood paneling, awful carpets, a Lilliputian kitchen with avocado appliances, black and red walls for one bedroom, and awful bathrooms. They gutted just about everything and it's now just gorgeous. This evening it had a whole bunch of people in it, too.

Boris and Forden greeted us at the door, and John and I fed them some of the biscuits we'd brought with us. They were very happy to see us and I happily thumped them and made much of them. Boris, as usual, goosed me when I turned around to hang my coat up, the little bugger, but he got much attention in exchange. It was good to hug dog again. They bounced about and led us to the rest of the party in the kitchen. Debbie and Jenny were putting finishing touches on all the food, and it was quite the spread of really nice finger food, snacks and appetizers. Perfect grazing for a pregnant woman, and everyone else, it seemed. Lots of punch and pop as well as beer and wine, and everyone settled in to eat, talk and just have fun getting to know each other, as some of the folks there, for all that half of them worked at Xilinx and the other half was married or closely associated to someone of the first part, didn't know some of the other folks. It was cool bringing all the different parts of our work social group together.

It was a lot of fun, too. I think I miss these social gatherings since John and I haven't thrown one for quite a while. Plus the fact that I haven't traveled for months, and I was ready to actually really interact with people for a while. For all my normal introvert tendencies, it was very nice to be hugged, to be liked, to talk with people that cared what happens to us in large quantities. It was funny to hear someone say, "It's *all* baby!" with regards to my weight gain. Two of the ladies there had given birth in the last few months, and it was fun to compare notes and care instructions. It was really, really nice to talk with more experienced women who were taking care of themselves the way I was, with the massage therapy, exercise, and small things done every day. Who had the same cautions I'd been taught, and the same freedoms, too, and on top of that experience with a previous baby and with stuff that was necessary.

When it came time to sit down and open the presents I was *very* glad that most of the folks there were experienced parents. They'd almost all gotten us things that they'd absolutely needed when they had their kids. Mary got us a huge bag of all the things she'd found indispensable and she'd thought of three more things on the way over. Everyone gave us something that their kids had used and used and used. It was pretty amazing the pile of gifts that we ended up with, mostly really practical things, good reference books, and a few gorgeous toys. Wow. It amazed me that we had that many friends that cared that much in the short time that we've been here. It's been less than two years.

The wonder of that is still pretty profound.

Everyone left before 10, what with various folks getting back to babysitters or to teenage kids left at home for the first time. One needed to get back as breast milk was coming in on the normal four hour mark. That was kinda cool to know.

I think the funniest thing was just that the whole crowd was happily and unabashedly talking about kids things. Things I don't think I would have heard with any other group. Stuff like the present decision to circumcise is much different than it was twenty years ago. Now there's no medical reason to do it and rates have dropped to less than fifty percent. The thing that had me falling over laughing, though, was one couple's account of how their boy was having much more fun with his foreskin than he could have had without it. There was talk about why cloth diapers are a godsend with all the ook kids produce, what services were useful, and how well various breast pumps actually worked. Discussions galore in all directions of the kinds of research parents have to do these days.

It was very cool.

It's funny. I was writing a bio up for a geek grrl site and one of the entries was 'what is the least geeky thing you've done recently?' and I put down 'get pregnant'. I think I'll take that back. Yeesh. It's quite the opportunity to delve into the gory and utter details of things that most people are afraid to look at, much less discuss. It's certainly got a weird technology all of its own and a whole slew of problems that aren't quick or easy. It's got it's own weird cutting edge of research with new things being found or overturned every year and is deeply intertwined with human development and interfaces.

Interactions, even. Okay. That's not geeky. But it's where I've been going for a while with my GUI's anyway. Might as well take it that one step further.

We stayed until everyone had left. Got hugs from just about everyone on their way out and that felt very good. Had fun petting an exhausted Boris and Forden and talking with Matt and Debbie just a bit more. To have them to ourselves for a little bit. We'll have to invite them for dinner or vice versa sometime soon. It's just fun to see them, and without Fezzik and the weekend walks (okay and because I can't keep up with the Bad Dogs anymore) we aren't seeing them as much and it would be fun to do so more often. They're very cool.

I felt much better when we headed home. I think the hugs helped me a lot. When we got home, I meandered to my closet and pulled the blue ball gown and found that there was no way on earth it would fit, as loose as it had been originally. I'll have to think of something else for the Founders' Day Party, if the Fish is late. Maybe what I wore for Gretchen's wedding will be good enough. We'll see.

Someone had noticed the Pear logo and thought it a very odd logo for maternity clothing. That made me giggle. It would be! I should make a maternity clothing company with lines called Bosc, Royal Rivera, and Anjou... that would be amusing. But it was very keen that anyone actually noticed and pointed it out. I am feeling very pear-like.

I made hot chocolate, but ran out of cow's milk so used soy for some of it and it tasted very soyish. Not bad, just different. I like soy for some things, but hot cocoa really needs milk. Tossed a few miniature marshmallows from back when John made haystack cookies into the cocoa and that helped. The hot cocoa made it easy to fall asleep.

Of course I was up every two hours, but I think I'm really getting used to it, now, and getting back to sleep pretty easily, on the most part. That's good.

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