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January 28, 2001
two years ago
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Geek Nature

John nearly died laughing.

This was after I'd spent a big chunk of the day getting all the code in. I'd planned on testing things tomorrow before checking it all in, but John said, "I could write a quickie test file for you!"

So we wrote the quickie test configuration file, found a couple problems, fixed them, and then the major portion of it all worked. It just worked. This was at 8:30 p.m.. The lasagna was just finished, and John had let it cool for a while so it would be cuttable. He cut us pieces while I finished off the testing and we sat down to eat. I immediately had a contraction. Yeesh. Code finished, test complete, and only three problems, fairly well scoped, were left, and here I was having a contraction. Oof.

I then fixed the simpler of the three problems after dinner, and when I backed all that code up on a Zip disk, the moment the zip drive ground to a halt... another contraction. John nearly died laughing after the two of them. It's like the whole 'nesting instinct' thing is concentrated on my getting this code done, tested, and safely put away, substituting geek nature for 'pick up the house' nature most other women have. All those guys telling me that I was going to, one day, run around trying to clean the house are going to get told that, instead, I was coding fast and furiously to finish One Last Feature before going into contractions. John happily declared me a nerd of nerds.

Okay, I'd also just put away four pans of lasagna, three into the freezer, one into our oven for tonight. Cooked a whole pound of noodles, a pound and a third of hamburger, and layered it with all three cheeses and plenty of spaghetti sauce in four different containers. We'll have dinners while the baby's here, even if we get mildly tired of lasagna, there's other quick stuff, too.

But with all that put away, I guess my body was like, "Okay, here we come..." but for the small fact that I can't check things in until tomorrow and there are two holes in the code, I wouldn't have been surprised if I had started labor tonight.

Breakfast was the yummy Grands cinnamon rolls. I don't indulge in them very often, but we'd had a coupon and I really wanted them this morning. Both John and I slept really well last night, which was a very welcome thing for the both of us. Grapefruit and yogurt rounded out breakfast, so that I had some fruit and protein as well. Most of the morning was just spent coding, and, outside, the snow was falling thick and steady. I always said that the Fish would be born in a snow storm and this one looks like it's supposed to last through to Tuesday. So there's plenty of time.

Code code code to NPR. I knew the steps I wanted to take and just plowed through the checklist without worrying about peripheral things. Bump bump bump. At 1, John asked me what I wanted to do with the chicken wings because the Super Bowl wasn't until 4. Since I was hungry, I thought, hey, let's do them now!

I'd heard a lot about deep frying the wings and then baking them in their sauce to give them their specific texture. So I got a pan out and tried to fry the first six joints. What a mess! Without dredging them, the juiciness of the wings made for Splatter City, especially with the hot sauce all through them. I had red oil just about everywhere until I put on a solid lid, and then the steam and juices from the chicken itself made the wing joints nearly boil themselves cooked rather than fry for the second batch. Grump. I then put them all onto one of the sturdy baking trays, slopped more Red Hot sauce on them and put them under the broiler. Watched them pretty closely and when the skin puffed and started to brown, I turned them, slopped more sauce on 'em and broiled them some more. Did it one more time and when the top skin looked crisp, pulled them out and we ate them.

They weren't too hot! They were spicy and tasty and a little crisp from the broiled skin bits, and they were really juicy and tender as well. That was a good thing. I think I'll just skip the frying part completely next time and stick with the marinating and broiling. It was very pleasing that they turned out so yummy. We ate them all with a bit of blue cheese dressing, some Fritos, and I finished off with an apple. Yum.

I then worked for the next several hours getting all but the last two steps of stuff into the code. Then it was Super Bowl time! Yay!

I popped caramel popcorn, set the cookie sheet of it out on the coffee table, got myself a big mug of juice and settled, happily to watch the game, the advertising, and all the commentary and whatever cool new stuff they cooked up for this game of games.

The first time the 'Eyevision' stuff was used, I went 'oooooo'... they seem to have a bunch of camera's synched so that they can swivel a particular stop picture around to see the whole field from a different angle and proceed from there. It made for some really nice shots on particular plays, when the initially shown angle wasn't particularly illustrative of the play. I really liked that.

John fell over laughing at the commercial with the two guys being chased by the bear and one guy produces a honey bear to tempt the big bear, and, instead of just chucking it for the bear, he starts to squirt the other guy with the honey! I was mildly bemused by the 'running with squirrels' commercial by EDS. I really, really liked the Volkswagon commercial with the two guys standing under a tree and throwing things up in it to finally dislodge a GTI! I fell over laughing. "Next time let the clutch out easy..."

The game itself was okay. I've really been impressed by the Baltimore defense since the playoffs began and simply had all the more reason to be impressed. It was a pretty defensive game all the way to the fourth quarter and then there were like three touchdowns in about as many minutes. Kick run-backs that went all the way, all in a row. That was kinda fun. But New York was basically blown out, sadly. So, yeah, the commercials and the cool Eyevision cam was more interesting to me than the game itself. By the fourth quarter I was making lasagna production line style.

The lasagna was good, too. Hard to eat during a contraction, but I finally picked up the plate, instead of trying to lean forward on muscles that were otherwise occupied and just ate between tensions.

After we decided to go to sleep, I had to redo the nylons for my hand braces, and sat down in our closet to go through my nylon socks to find mis-matches or things I could cut up without a qualm. I found out that my feet were so swollen, it was sad... my hands are actually not swelling up as much, for all that the right hand is still numb at the tips, but the feet looked like they were made from marshmallow. Sniff. I guess I'm just getting used to that, to the inside out belly button, to the weight, the stiffnesses, the way my hips are now much more widely spaced, the itching of my stretched belly skin, and the whole gestalt of digestive system confusions. It all just is. I'll be glad when it's over, but the good thing is that they all don't bother me as much as when they were new.

Fish check tomorrow. And I'm pretty content, and sleep went just fine again, which was a blessing. I don't know why new parents complain about lack of sleep when the woman really seems to be getting all set up for it weeks and weeks before the birth, even.

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