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January 27, 2001
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Tasty Things

As we were leaving work with my computer we saw Dan out in the parking lot. It was Bonnie's birthday again, and she had come into town to have dinner with Dan and they were having a good evening out with the kids in various friends' care. They thought it would be cool to have some company for appetizers and a drink beforehand, so John and I decided to do it. "While we still can." seems to be the catch phrase of these last days before the baby gets born. Having the luxury of just being able to do what we want on the last minute decision is something we won't have for too much longer.

So we did.

Boulder was so crowded that finding parking took a while. We finally found one of the parking garages to the east of the Pearl Street Mall with a few slots left, and we walked the distance to the Pub. It was a good walk, though cold. The Pub was just as full, and Bonnie found us a ways into it and she'd lucked into a complete table with chairs! Quite the Godsend as I wouldn't have lasted a 'while' standing, and we got to sit and catch up and talk a very good deal. I got to hear Bonnie's delivery stories, as I asked. I seem to be asking all the mom's just to get a feel for what they go through and what's to come.

The interesting thing is that the early stories that are volunteered are the ones about the long labors, the impossible deliveries, and the emergency C-Sections. Now that I'm actually asking people about what happened, most of them tell me about the shorter labors, the quick deliveries, and the wonder afterward. Of the folks I've asked, the labor times have been six, two, eight, sixteen, five, seven and ten hours. Even given that many people have different 'starting points' to when they marked labor to begin (the sixteen was from the very first contraction, the two was from the first contraction that really hurt), it's been relatively shorter than the 24 hour-plus horror stories and even shorter, on average, than the average of ten we were given in class.

No two were the same, though. So that's a different lesson, I think.

The pub was fun, and the conversation good, and Bonnie and Dan were grateful that John felt well enough to go out for a drink, as Dan knew about John's ear infection. So that was good.

Afterwards, John and I went to Ludisio's a really fancy Italian restaurant that mostly had patrons a few decades older and better dressed than we were in our Friday Hawaiian prints; but the food there was really excellent and I thought I might as well do this before the baby came while we still could. I had a baby spinach, apple, pickled pecans, and white truffle vinaigrette salad, which was very good but about twice as voluminous as I really wanted to eat. John had a regular salad, and then I had the cannelloni and he had an asparagus, sun dried tomato pasta dish that looked very yummy. I couldn't even finish half my dish. I'll be glad when I get my stomach back...

It was nearly nine when we got home. We just had a little time to relax and then went to bed. I was a little nervous about sleeping after last night, and so I read. I finished The Last Hot Time by John M. Ford, in bed. It's a very vivid book and a very interesting treatment of the coming of magic in the world. I went to sleep with elves in my brain.

I was up an hour later, wondering if it would be like last night, but no pain. Then I was pretty much up every hour after that. After the second one I was snoring loud enough that John decided to sleep elsewhere. Poor John. I ended up up every hour, still. And with all the interruptions, I slept okay, but not too well. And in the morning, I just stayed in bed and tried yet another hour until it was nearly 11. I finally Got Up at 11 and stumbled out. John hadn't slept too well, either, but did get up earlier than I did.

He was sweet, though, and made me breakfast. The really nice, big, juice grapefruit was followed by eggs, hash browns and sausage. Yum. With a nice glass of orange juice, it was a really good thing to wake up to and I felt a bit more alive than I have for a while. We had a few things we really needed from the grocery store, so we got coupons, made a list, got the checkbook, found the canvas bags, and went to Safeway and spent a good, long time just getting stuff. I really wanted chicken wings tomorrow, it kind of goes with the Super Bowl kind of foods, and I wanted caramel corn too. A lady was serving up a natural kind of steak, that was also much lower in fat than normal steaks, so we got a couple of the New York strips for our dinner as we hadn't really planned for dinner, yet. I will probably make lasagna tomorrow, if we get to tomorrow. It was nice because with the extra planning, between the coupons and Safeway's specials, we saved about 18% off everything we got, nearly a fifth.

The joke of the day was, "Okay, what if we don't make it to tomorrow?" If the Fish decided to be born tonight, I think that the wings would be okay marinating in Frank's Red Hot sauce for a few days longer. We decided to do the Safeway run early to get it done with and not have to worry about food in the house.

Once home, I put the wing joints into Red Hot Sauce while John got the monitor from upstairs and then we both sat down to work while listening to NPR. The One More Thing I wanted to do was really, really hard and I finally asked to talk things over with him. It took the two of us several hours to puzzle through everything, but with the two of us it was actually possible. The solution we came up with, eventually, was so elegant as to be simple to implement. That was very sweet. One new class, a little bit of code tweak, one requirements tweak and it would reuse most of the really hard to do code. It used what the existing code already did really well, and it made for an implementation that would allow the guys doing the configurations a lot of freedom. Yay!

It was 6 before we had actually worked it all through. I was tired. It had been snowing since three, and there were inches of snow all over everything.

So I cooked dinner. Did the steaks, had John reheat the last of the mac and cheese and some veggies, and I made pan sauce from what was left in the pan after pouring off most of the fat. Garlic, chicken broth and marsala in beef steak fond. Yum. Simple and quick, it was all done in less than fifteen minutes and the steaks were more rare than medium and perfect for the leanness of the cut. Tasty.

A good day. Tasty things, work done, and comfy company. What a day should be made of, I think.

I paged through the Levenger catalog I'd gotten and found that they were also selling the little portable keyboards for the Visors. For $100, I could have a full-sized keyboard, with that and the Visor, I'd have a very basic text-entry system. Much cheaper than a laptop and still transferable to a machine where I could polish or transfer stuff. Which really meant that I had no excuse to even think about buying a laptop. I can just write entries directly into the Visor and stick them up on the page when I get around to connecting up. Nice. Might be useful to ask around locally for electronics stores that have the portable keyboards.

Sitting and watching The Ghost and The Darkness was fun. John was petting my tummy when I felt little 'blips' occasionally from inside. I put John's hand on the blips and he started giggling. They were little, tiny movements, not punches or kicks or swivels, and I wondered, aloud, if they were hiccups. John blinked, started timing them, and then started giggling a lot. Yeah, it really seemed like hiccups. The Fish was likely doing the normal baby hiccup thing, which doesn't bother him any, but is pretty funny to feel. That was pretty neat.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows made it possible to go to bed without being scared about what might happen. And we slept and, tonight, we actually just slept really well. I went two hours at a shot and John snored a little, but I didn't wake him up with my snoring. That was good. The snow kept falling steadily...

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