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January 8, 2002
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The Neon Scare

8:18 pm: A busy day today, and Jet only got up once last night, for ten minutes, a pity I couldn't take advantage of it. I cleaned the humidifier in our room before going to sleep, and the silly humidifier went really loud for most of the night. It kept me awake or at least I didn't sleep too easily.

Jet got up at 5:30, I fed him 'til 6, and John took care of him. John moved the humidifier while I fed Jet, and while moving it, it went quiet again. Drat. At least it's now quiet and if Jet sleeps well again we'll do better, at least. He went from 9:30 to 5:30, which is eight hours, just not the usual eight hours I sleep. I'll just have to take advantage of when he does tonight.

Jet refused to nap solidly today, even after a good day at Joan's and falling asleep while eating breakfast with John. He just couldn't seem to nap for longer than twenty minutes all day. It was mildly disappointing because it meant that other than my two hours while Jet was at Joan's I couldn't really concentrate on anything for very long.

The two hours were good, though. I listened to a meeting while working for one of them, and with the incentive to stay there, I just plowed through a lot of stuff for the second hour. It was nice.

I did have an afternoon meeting, and I played with Jet during a lot of it, listening as we giggled at each other. I did have to deal with one work item while the meeting was going on, and Jet roamed the upstairs for most of that time. Then he found some cords to pull at the end of one of the desks that were attached to a set of speakers and a pair of earphones. I went to rescue the speakers and found that Jet as drooling neon green, the same kind of neon green as a hi-lighter. Eek. I looked around for a hi-lighter that he might have sucked on or something, but there wasn't anything. I tried to reach into Jet's mouth to pull out whatever it was, but it was long gone.

I looked all over the areas that Jet had been playing and found nothing. Nothing that was that color, and nothing that he could have gotten to. I finally thought a bit and as quickly as Jet ate whatever it was, it had to have been small. We never brought drugs upstairs, so it couldn't have been some kind of pill and none of them are neon green anyway. It couldn't be any automotive stuff either (first brain flash was coolent, which is sometimes that same color green, but that *couldn't* be). Oh. For Halloween we'd had a bunch of M&M's not peanut ones, but chocolate with a bit of rice cereal in them. We'd eaten them in the office, and there might have been a few that gotten loose and the neon green was the same color as the green M&M's... so that might have been what he found. It was, at least, the only possible thing that fit all the parameters since I couldn't find a bright green hi-lighter.

Otherwise, I don't have any idea what he might have gotten, but I don't think that any of them could have been dangerous. Jet didn't seem to have any ill effects, so I wasn't too worried, but I did call John to double-check things with him. We talked it through and when he came home he did the same search I did and didn't come up with anything either. So that worked out, there wasn't anything else in the office or upstairs that could have been that color.

Still, a Mommy-scare.

Jet seems fine. We may find a hilighter pen tip or something else tomorrow.

John made dinner, as he'd gotten to work all day, and I got to work a bit while he made dinner. When I was done with what I had to do, I had fun feeding Jet solids. I used the smallest of the bowls we bought over the weekend and mixed pureed carrots and chicken and apples. When he was done, I put the bowl on its sucker cup and suctioned it to the tray of Jet's chair, and put a spoonful of food in the bottom of the bowl and handed him his spoon.

Jet had a great time with the bowl and spoon. He really tried to eat the food out of the bowl with his hands, and then started whacking the bowl with his spoon, eventually dipping it in and sucking the edge. Since the bowl would not come up, he kept trying. I was impressed. He had the basic idea and was getting more of what to do with the spoon as an implement. That's pretty cool. Jet's really good at feeding himself by picking up food, but it's kind of fun to see if he can learn what the spoon and bowl are for, too.

He was pretty tired, tonight, without the naps. So he fell asleep pretty thoroughly while nursing. I'll hope for tonight. Warm milk, a cookie, some Motrin and my vitamins and I'm off to a bed with a hot water bottle. Zzzzz....

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